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The aim of the project is to:

Deploy mobile smart phone digital services for use by visitors to Europe's Northern areas to support the continued development of the tourism industry, particularly in cultural and natural heritage destinations.

Specific objectives are to:
  • Establish a number of new smart phone visitor information services that enhance the visitor's experience in rural and remote areas.
  • Explore new digitally-mediated approaches to guide tourists through the different stages of their visit
Donegal, Ireland
ERNACT Network   (Partner)
Developingan integrated tourism promotion service for part of the North West crossborder region

Javier Areitioaurtena Gutierrez
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Greenland, Greenland
Greenland Tourism and Business Council   (Partner)
Developing a mobile/web system to provide general visitor and walking tour services

Mads Lumholt
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Iceland, Iceland
Bifrost University   (Partner)
Developing a mobile service to encourage visitors to shop in the local area

Emil Bjarni Karlsson
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Lapland, Finland
Kemi-Tornio University of Applied Sciences   (Partner)
Developing a system for supporting the ski business in an area or region

Riitta Alajärvi-Kauppi
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Luleå, Sweden
Luleå University of Technology   (Partner)
Developing a mobile guided tour service for visitors to a world heritage site in the Lulea area

Lars Furberg
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North Karelia, Finland
Karelia University of Applied Sciences   (Partner)
Implementing of Services

Timo Rui
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North Karelia, Finland
Regional Council of North Karelia   (Partner)
Developing a gaming based mobile system use in an outdoor park.

Jarmo Heiskanen
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Northern Ireland, United Kingdom
Ulster University   (Partner)
Developing a mobile augmented reality service to be used to help visitors interpret historical sites

Helen Jackson
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Skellefteå, Sweden
Skellefteå Municipality   (Partner)
Lead Partner for the project, but also developing a mobile app for fishermen for the region

Ellinor Berglund
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Sogn og Fjordane, Norway
Western Norway Research Institute (WNRI)   (Partner)
Developing a mobile system use for supporting walking visitors in the area

Ingjerd Skogseid
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West, Ireland
Western Regional Authority   (Partner)
Developing a mobile system for walkers for ceratin trails in Irish West region

Mary Molloy
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Location based and personalised services are at the core of the TG4NP project which developed and implemented tourism-related smart phone services.

Mobile technology has become an everyday tool for majority of people and advanced mobile networks have become available also in the most rural areas. Mobile phones are growingly used for retrieving information and experiences, and GPS satellite navigation has become a common feature in modern mobile phones. This development has created an excellent opportunity for rural tourism industry to guide and communicate with visitors in a whole new way.

Core ERNACT regions
Newfoundland & Labrador
South Ostrobothnia
West Romania
San Sebastián
Derry & Strabane
United Kingdom