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The aim of the project is to:

Give the regional and local authorities specific instruments to address the challenge of energy efficiency and sustainable transport, by jointly developing Action Plans in close cooperation with regional stakeholders, to be implemented by making use of mainstream Objective 1 and 2 Structural Funds available in each participating region.

Specific objectives are to:
  • Translate the best practices mastered by the CO2FREE partnership into regional Action Plans to be implemented under the Operational Programmes of the EU Structural Funds (Objective 1 and 2 Operational Programmes) in each region.
  • Gain political commitment that regional Action Plans will be actually implemented, both from the regional stakeholders and the Managing Authorities of the Operational Programmes.
  • Involve regional and local stakeholders in the preparation of regional Action Plans.
  • Disseminate information about the project, its objectives, the approach, results and lessons learned to a large audience including policy and decision makers at local, regional, national and EU level, as well as EU local and regional authorities.
Ávila, Spain
Avila County Council   (Partner)
Co-responsible for developing the bi-annual newsletter

Roberto Rodriguez
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Carinthia, Austria
Carinthian Federal State Government   (Partner)
Project Management

Dražen Rosić
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Derry & Strabane, United Kingdom
Derry City & Strabane District Council   (Partner)
Exchange of experiences dedicated to the transfer of good practices into EU Structural Funds mainstream programmes

Greater Area
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Donegal, Ireland
Donegal County Council   (Partner)
Communication and Dissemination / Responsible for organizing the Interregional Closing Conference

Daragh McDonough
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Donegal, Ireland
ERNACT Network   (Partner)
Management and Coordination

Caitriona Strain
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North Karelia, Finland
Regional Council of North Karelia   (Partner)
Responsible for Organizing Seminars

Pia Pitkänen
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San Sebastián, Spain
Fomento de San Sebastián   (Partner)
Responsible for Organizing the Interregional Launch Conference / Reporting to the Steering Committee the component 3

Yesenia Otamendi
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South East Bulgaria, Bulgaria
ARDI   (Partner)
Responsible for Organizing Seminars / Co-responsible for developing the bi-annual newsletter

Sonya Enilova
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Västernorrland, Sweden
ALAV   (Partner)
Reporting to the Steering Committee on the progress of the Communication and Dissemination

Charlie Wallin
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West Romania, Romania
WRDA   (Partner)
Designing a Common Action Plans Format

Raluca Cibu-Buzac
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CO2FREE stems from the need identified by the partner regions to address the problem of climate change and the dependency on fossil fuels, and to seek ICT-based solutions for energy challenges and new approaches to make transport more sustainable; the partners have decided to tackle these issues through the exchange of good practices and their transfer into their Regional Operational Programmes.
Core ERNACT regions
Newfoundland & Labrador
South Ostrobothnia
West Romania
San Sebastián
Derry & Strabane
United Kingdom