The ERNACT Project 1990-1994

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The ERNACT Project  =  The ERNACT Project 1990-1994
Project Status: Completed
Project Leader: Colm Mc Colgan
EU Programme: DG Regio Article 10
Project Budget:  €2,961,000
Start Date:  Apr, 1991
Finish Date:  Mar, 1994
Project Website: 
The aim of the project is to:

Specific objectives are to:
Aalborg, Denmark
Aalborg Kommune   (Partner)
Transfer of Knowledge & Knowhow - the Economic Life Database transferred from Aalborg to peripheral regions Strategic Analysis - Networking study

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Derry & Strabane, United Kingdom
Derry City & Strabane District Council   (Partner)
Introduction of modern technology and creation of linkages based on open systems standards. Telecommunications & Crossborder Cooperation Economic Life database; multimedia & tourism

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Donegal, Ireland
Donegal County Council   (Partner)
Telecommunications & Crossborder Cooperation Implementation of Wide Area Network project; VideoTex; Economic Life database; multimedia & tourism

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Galway, Ireland
Galway County Council   (Partner)
Implementation of the Electronic Mail systems and June 1994 European Elections first real test of the Electoral Database; teletext; Economic Life database; multimedia & tourism

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West Flanders, Belgium
Leiedal Intercommunale   (Partner)
Implementation of the Communications Platform - ERNACT server, Electronic Mail & File Transfer, Network within regions; teletext; Strategic Analysis - Distance working, Spatial Planning (GIS)

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Zeeland, Netherlands
Provincie Zeeland   (Partner)
Establish new strategic links to elected members and to other third parties including educational institutes; Socio Economic database; multimedia & tourism

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The ERNACT project, sponsored by the European Commission, has brought together a number of peripheral and central local/regional authorities of the European Union which have undertaken to work together in applying modern telecommunications to enhance the performance of their functions and, in the process, to establish interregional collaboration between them.  It was also envisaged that the project might test the relevance of telecommunications to advance the European Union ethos of economic and social cohesion
The participating authorities which co-financed the project were:

Aalborg Kommune, (Denmark)
Derry City Council, (Northern Ireland)
Donegal County Council, (Ireland)
Galway County Council, (Ireland)
Leiedal Intercommunale, (Belgium)
Provincie Zeeland, (Netherlands)

The operational management of the project was entrusted to the crossborder local authorities of Donegal County Council (Irl.) and Derry City Council (N.Irl) which established a European Economic Interest Grouping to give legal status to their role.

Strategic direction and assistance was given to the grouping by two interregional committees - 
one consisting of a technologist from each participating authority and the other consisting of officials and public representatives from these authorities.

A preliminary assessment indicated that there were major deficiencies in the way communications technology was applied by the participating authorities and that opportunities existed to exploit advances in the technology.

Core ERNACT regions
Newfoundland & Labrador
South Ostrobothnia
West Romania
San Sebastián
Derry & Strabane
United Kingdom