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The aim of the project is to:

The aim of the project was to provide an integrated set of telematic applications that would enable geographically, economically and socially marginalised communities and groups to develop the full potential of their areas, and to help connect their economies to those of more central regions and to the emerging Information Society.

Specific objectives are to:
  • The project produced 12 contractual deliverables and over 30 internal deliverables. These deliverables produced from each work package were used as the basis to assess and evaluate achievements and progress including market development, technological developments, quality assurance issues and the implementation of pilots.
Aalborg, Denmark
Aalborg Kommune   (Partner)
City Government of 150,000 people, situated in Northern Jutland in Denmark, with economic, development and social functions

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Aalborg, Denmark
University of Aalborg   (Associate)
The department involved in the project has conducts high level research on GIS.

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Aalborg, Denmark
AM PRODUKTION   (Associate)
Possesses extensive multi-media development experience with links to a local TV station.

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Aalborg, Denmark
Company specialising in the development of economic life, tourism and socio-economic databases.

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Derry & Strabane, United Kingdom
Derry City & Strabane District Council   (Partner)
City council for Derry, with a population 100,000 people, located on the Northwest periphery of Europe and on the border

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Donegal, Ireland
Donegal County Council   (Partner)
spatial planning, GIS and telematics development Regional and local government responsibility for a large rural, peripheral region of the community.

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Donegal, Ireland
Skylark Associates   (Associate)
Experienced software engineering company with extensive multimedia development skills including linking of propriatory s

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Dublin, Ireland
Local Government Computer Services Board (LGCSB)   (Associate)
Telematics service provider, developing systems for most of the regional and local authorities in the Republic of Irelan

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Galway, Ireland
Galway County Council   (Associate)
Regional and local government responsibility for a large rural, peripheral region of the community. Provides extensive

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Northern Ireland, United Kingdom
Ulster University   (Associate)
Magee College - Possesses extensive research capability in interactive systems design and advanced telecommunications.

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West Flanders, Belgium
Leiedal Intercommunale   (Partner)
Specialist technical support organisation providing regional development services to 12 local authorities in the South W

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Wirral, United Kingdom
Metropolitan Borough of Wirral   (Partner)
The Wirral is a leading edge user of GIS technology and has undertaken many telematic initiatives aimed at deploying the

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Develop and demonstrate an interregional telematics application/platform (incorporating Web, GIS, distributed databases) for delivery of general purpose services (spatial planning, business life, tourism, Socio-economic and environment) from public authorities to citizens and businesses. The design is trans-national enabling administrations, citizens and businesses from different regions to interact.

Total 2,911.3 KECU EU funding 1,407.0 KECU

Core ERNACT regions
Newfoundland & Labrador
South Ostrobothnia
West Romania
San Sebastián
Derry & Strabane
United Kingdom