Arctic Collaboration to Support more Efficient Dissemination of Arctic

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ARCTIC CLUSTER  =  Arctic Collaboration to Support more Efficient Dissemination of Arctic
Energy partners collaborating to disseminate project results across the Arctic area
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Project Status: Completed
Project Leader: Ianire Renobales
EU Programme: Northern Periphery and Arctic (2014-2020)
Project Budget:  €45,000
Start Date:  Dec, 2017
Finish Date:  May, 2019
Project Website:
The aim of the project is to:

Increase awareness, share expertise and knowledge and transfer good energy practices about energy solutions between the three involved projects and partner regions.

Specific objectives are to:
  • Increase awareness of ongoing Arctic Cooperation projects' results through online communication tools, webinars and the involvement of a wider group of stakeholders achieving wider target audiences, including policy makers.
  • Bigger dissemination of good energy practices identified across the three involved projects optimising the use of resources.
Derry & Strabane, United Kingdom
Derry City & Strabane District Council   (Partner)
Project Partner

Leo Strawbridge
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Donegal, Ireland
Donegal County Council   (Partner)
Project Partner

Paddy Mullen
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Donegal, Ireland
ERNACT Network   (Partner)
Lead Partner - Lead Partner SECURE

Ianire Renobales
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Faroe Islands, Faroe Islands
Umhvørvisstovan (Environment Agency)   (Partner)
Project Partner

Bjarti Thomsen
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Lapland, Finland
Lapland University of Applied Sciences   (Partner)
Project Partner - Lead Partner EEBAK

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Leitrim, Ireland
Leitrim County Council   (Partner)
Project Partner

Nicola Mc Manus
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Luleå, Sweden
Luleå University of Technology   (Partner)
Project Partner

Lars Westerlund
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Nordland, Norway
UiT The Arctic University of Norway   (Partner)
Project Partner - Lead Partner GrAB

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Nordland, Norway
Northern Research Institute Narvik A.S.    (Partner)
Project Partner

Ross Wakelin
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North Karelia, Finland
Karelia University of Applied Sciences   (Partner)
Project Partner

Helena Puhakka-Tarvainen
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Nova Scotia, Canada
Ecology Action Centre   (Partner)
Project Partner

Emma Norton
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Oulo, Finland
University of Oulu   (Partner)
Project Partner

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Västerbotten, Sweden
Umeå University   (Partner)
Project Partner

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Västernorrland, Sweden
ALAV   (Partner)
Project Partner

Jennie Olofsson
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Arctic Cluster is a new interregional project that involves three projects (SECURE, EEBAK and GrAB) and 15 partner regions from Europe, Canada and Russian Federation that are addressing similar themes and territorial challenges on energy efficiency and renewable solutions for buildings. The main objective is to use transnational cooperation to ensure better implementation of the energy solutions available to maximise more efficient added value of the funding received.

The project aims to increase awareness and transfer good energy practices. To achieve this objective, the three involved projects, that are co-funded by three different Arctic Cooperation programmes, will share expertise and knowledge under the new Arctic Cooperation cross-programme.

The duration of the project will be of 12 months and the three involved projects will optimise networking, co-ordination, monitoring, exchange of information, and the exploitation and dissemination of results. Partners will not only ensure more digital resources for a bigger outreach, but also the involvement of a wider group of stakeholders to achieve wider target audiences, including policy makers. 

The final result of the project will be the creation and submission of a new project proposal under Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme 2014-2020 to continue working towards a low carbon economy.

Core ERNACT regions
Newfoundland & Labrador
South Ostrobothnia
Upper Franconia
West Romania
Derry & Strabane
United Kingdom