SMART Public Lighting in the City of San Sebastian

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Interreg Europe highlights that Fomento San Sebastian is eligible for additional funding that would aid the implementation of one of the region’s Pilot Actions.
02 April 2020 - CLEAN  project
The SmartKalea project will be expanded to include a new street, Sancho el Sabio.

Fomento de San Sebastian
, ERNACT core member and partner on the Interreg Europe CLEAN project, recently saw the approval of the Regional Action Plan where they described actions that the organisation would undertake to reduce CO2 emissions in the city. These actions included: SMART Public Lighting in Sancho el Sabio Street; Improved Energy Efficiency for Families & Commerces and ICT Inclusion in a Building Retrofitting for the Energy Efficiency Improvement. 
During the Regional Action Plan development, representatives from Interreg Europe highlighted that partners were eligible for additional funding that would aid the implementation of one of the region’s Pilot Actions. Fomento San Sebastian opted to nominate their SMART Public Lighting action for these additional funds. 
This action was built upon remedial works already being undertaken by The Municipality of San Sebastian.  The organisation was in the midst of renovating the pedestrian area on one side of the street to improve accessibility to the retail dwellings located there. This is a key pedestrian area within the city, however placement of the garden areas had been previously creating a barrier between the pedestrian walkway and the fifty commercial establishments situated along the street.

The works aim to revitalize the area by improving the accessibility in the street, this is inclusive of renovation of all the public elements and infrastructure including public lighting. The Municipality leads the SMART strategy of the city feels the action to install intelligent lighting will be complimentary to the renovation, as the initial project did not include any SMART public lighting infrastructure. 
The proposed pilot action under CLEAN project will consist in a new intelligent public lighting infrastructure in the street. The action will install 22 LED system luminaires on lampposts along the street. The lampposts themselves will be supplied and installed by the municipality, however the ‘SMART’ elements including nodes, heads & radar for automated presence detection, LLAN controller, PLC communication system and tele-management aspects will be facilitated by the CLEAN action.  
These elements are part of the pilot initiative under CLEAN project that will foster an efficient lighting installation. The system will include point-to-point control allowing to access and management of all the elements of each light point remotely. This system will allow tele-management, inventory, corrective maintenance, preventive maintenance and energy saving management that will be based on presence, calendar and also environmental parameters to control the lighting power and switch ‘on’ and ‘off’ functions automatically. 
This installation has the potential to result in savings of up to 74%, due to the renovation of the conventional luminaires into LED lighting and also up to 53% savings based on automated presence detection, which potentially results in a total saving of 80% in energy consumption and reduction of CO2 emissions. Savings will depend on the real presence and movement of people in the street at night (the more movement detected, the more energy is consumed) and the level light power established by the municipal department in charge of the public lighting (the mover light power is set, the more will be consumed). This system is part of the pilot initiative under CLEAN project that will foster an efficient lighting installation.
The proposal for extra funding to implement this pilot action has successfully completed the first stage of the process and has been approved by the Joint-Secretariat for submission to the Interreg Monitoring Committee. It is hoped that the proposal will be approved so that Fomento de San Sebastian may complete the SMART lighting installation in the region. This will improve the region’s SMART city infrastructure and address the common challenge of the CLEAN project to identify how to best meet EU energy efficiency targets for buildings in Europe’s regions.
The new lighting to be installed is proposed to be intelligent lighting.

Click here to email  Ianire Renobales at ERNACT for further information

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