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The ERNACT network attends the kick-off meeting of the project in which partners have started creating Digital Innovation Ecosystems (DIGEM).
30 September 2019 - CARPE DIGEM  project
Partners with an e-Tree at Carnot Place (Nevers).

The Interreg Europe programme funded first CARPE DIGEM project meeting has taken place at L’INKUB Digital Accelerator and Hub in Nevers (France), on the 24th, 25th and 26th of September, hosted by lead partner Nièvre Numérique Joint Authority.

During this first session, the partnership reviewed the project management, requirements from Interreg Europe, regional meetings, staff exchanges, Regional Action Plans and communication strategy, among others. 

In order to get to know all partner regions closer, they organised some presentations of local good practices. ERNACT General Manager Colm Mc Colgan presented 'Derry EU Digital City Challenge', an EU initiative to help achieve sustainable economic growth in Derry (Northern Ireland) through the integration of advanced technologies. The key objectives of this ongoing good practice are:

- Employees with the digital skills needed by enterprises in key sectors
- Increase and focus digital research capacity on the needs of the city’s key sectors
- Adopt smart city for innovation in key economic sectors and public service
- Create a digital innovation ecosystem that generates new jobs, enterprise and investment

ERNACT is currently using Interreg and Local Authority cross-border cooperation policies. However, the ambition is to achieve a 'Cross-border Innovation and Digital Transformation Strategy and methodology with a Governance structure and Action Plan' through the project. "CARPE DIGEM fosters synergies between existing policies involving digital priorities and the newly planned policy actions supporting digital transformation", explains Colm Mc Colgan. ERNACT is the only partner region working towards the improvement of a cross-border policy instrument.

During the meeting, the partnership also reviewed 'Partner Territorial DIGEM Ecosystems: Social + Economic Innovation Processes, Methodologies, tools, policies and strategies'. Finally, they held a working group session to discuss what are local and collective DIGEM Opportunities, challenges, themes and priorities. 

Study visits
During the second day partners got the opportunity to learn more about 
Digital Innovation measures in Nevers, such as, hands-on experience to business, public and community initiatives and projects at Palais Ducal, Oratory school, Museolab at the Earthenware and Fine Arts Museum, e-Trees and Geebee at Keolis (Carnot Place) and Viktor the Smart Pillow in the retirement home of Marion de Givry, among others.

CARPE DIGEM digital technology women warriors!

Click here to email  Ianire Renobales at ERNACT for further information

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