Good Practice: Regional map of Industry 4.0 technology enablers

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Development of a study focused on knowing the technological enablers existing at regional level in terms of Industry 4.0.
23 July 2019 - DEVISE  project
Because of the novelty of the different actions in relation to Industry 4.0 and specifically in the SME environment, it is clear the need for establishing an inventory of technology enablers at regional level in order to help the companies when implementing these new technologies.

This study has the main target of developing a list of enabling technologies and at the same time to show their potential for implementation, including the possibility of taking into consideration different good practices already implemented in different business sectors.

The study has been developed using different business interviews and using questionnaires from the demand and supply side. At the same time, the study has included the technology visits to some companies in order to receive further details about the implementation models in Industry 4.0 actions.

The study has conducted a SWOT analysis of the regional environment when implementing 4.0 technologies and the different actions developed by regional SMEs.

At the same time, it has also identified good practices of companies in the region that, due to their size and sector, can be a reference for the rest of the regional enterprises.

Resources needed

The study has been financed by core ERNACT member and DEVISE project partner the Regional Government of Cantabria and it has been developed using human resources from the University of Cantabria.

Evidence of success

The results achieved have given the opportunity of understanding the need of future actions, the sectors with a more dynamic environment towards Industry 4.0 and the possibility of implementing new actions and measures in the upcoming years.

Potential for learning or transfer

The methodology of the study, the good practices discovered and the questionnaires are available for exchange with other organisations and institutions interested in carrying out a similar process. At the same time, the whole study itself is available and it has already been shared at regional level with all companies.

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