SECURE uses transnational cooperation to transfer innovative energy solutions in 5 NPA regions

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Partners have increased the use of renewable solutions in public housing, buildings and infrastructure.
10 July 2019 - SECURE  project
ERNACT led SECURE, or Smarter Energy Communities in Northern & Arctic Regions project, funded under Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme 2014 – 2020, has finished its innovation path and achieved all its energy efficiency goals and objectives.

With a budget of €1.8 million, SECURE fostered energy-secure communities in Ireland, Northern Ireland, Faroe Islands and Sweden through the promotion of energy efficient and renewable solutions. “The main objective was to maximise transnational cooperation to transfer and implement innovative energy solutions for public housing and infrastructure across 7 NPA regions, in Europe and Atlantic Canada”, explains Dr Caitriona Strain, Project Manager at ERNACT and SECURE project leader. Knowledge transfer was demand-led, supported by a quadruple helix approach, and it was maximised by focusing implementation on small NPA communities and building up local authority capacity.

According to Dr Strain, the common territorial challenges tackled were high energy costs and low competition due to peripherality, low population density, low accessibility and cold climates. “We focused on opportunities to harness our natural resources through transnational cooperation. This helps ensure the sustainable use of resources by harnessing our climatic opportunities, preserving environmental quality and exploiting our natural resources”, adds Caitriona. These achievements are evidenced by the following project results:

  • Creation of 5 Smarter Energy Communities in Leitrim and Donegal (Ireland), Derry City & Strabane (Northern Ireland), the Faroe Islands and Västernorrland (Sweden)
  • 31 energy solutions applied which improved the energy consumption classification of 38 houses
  • Alternative energy sources installed in 10 public infrastructures
  • Increase in energy efficiency of at least 5% in 22 public buildings
  • Identification and promotion of more than 30 good energy practices across 7 NPA regions
  • Engagement with more than 170,000 citizens across the participating regions

Continue reading about the final results of the SECURE project.

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