ERNACT's Interregional Digital Transformation Action Plan

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Member regions are currently identifying common digital projects that support smart specialisation and clusters.
04 July 2019 - ERNACT  project
ERNACT will use the time until the new EU programmes are finalised to investigate the potential across regions for identifying common digital project interests that support smart specialisation and clusters. Other interested regions are invited to participate.

The network has developed an easily understandable method, that can be used by regions and cities in a workshop environment. This was piloted by the core ERNACT regions in their recent ERNACT management meeting in Brussels (11 June).

"We began the process of identifying what aspects of digital transformation would be needed by each region to support their smart specialisation and clustering needs", states Ianire Renobales, Digital Communications Officer at ERNACT. Partners reviewed digital transformation technologies, systems and approaches grouped by digital skills, high-speed broadband and digital research and innovation, among others. Other interested regions are invited to participate and should email Ianire at

The network will also restart the conversation initiated with ERNACT's universities in South Ostrobothnia (Finland). Marjatta Eväsoja, from the Regional Council of South Ostrobothnia, added that "it is important for success to plan next steps carefully and early". She believes that a region's universities should be included in the digital transformation process. "Universities are key for regions and cities to successfully tackle new digital developments, such as AI, and it is evident that they will be needed even more for successful participation during the new programming period", explains Colm Mc Colgan, ERNACT General Manager.

ERNACT will make a bigger effort to demonstrate the capacity of the network to work beyond the EU borders as evidenced by Newfoundland and Labrador's (Canada) membership and the existence of many other border regions. "We want to show how ERNACT regions can act as a demonstrator sites for Horizon Europe consortia and projects through our own initiatives", concludes Jose Manuel San Emeterio, Project Manager at ERNACT.

Click here to email  Ianire Renobales at ERNACT for further information

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