ERNACT regions discuss digital transformation needs in Brussels

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The attraction of new regions and monitoring the evolution of the new EU programmes are in the ERNACT agenda.
02 July 2019 - ERNACT  project
Twice a year, core ERNACT Regions meet for the Interregional Management Committee meeting. The most recent one took place in the Brussels Office of the Government of Cantabria, on the 11th of June, to agree concrete plans to take full advantage of the enhanced possibilities of digital transformation cooperation in the 2021-2017 programming period.

In addition to exploring short term project opportunities, the network member regions discussed deeper and longer term goals including attraction of new regions and monitoring the evolution of the new EU programmes.

Brian Boyle, ERNACT Chairperson, stated that the meeting took place against a background where the European Commission had published their draft programmes and budget for the new programming period 2021 - 2027. He was confident, however, that the agenda, with its mix of presentations, discussions, opportunities for networking and practical exercises would allow the network to leave in a better prepared state.

Core members also evaluated the potential of digital transformation elements contained within the EU 2021-2027 programmes, explored Smart Specialisation priorities around which ERNACT regions can cooperate to meet their digital transformation priorities and agreed an interregional digital transformation action plan for the ERNACT network for the next 12 months.

Digital transformation technologies

The ERNACT network of regions have been very successful over the past number of years in assembling a portfolio of European projects that enables member regions to jointly address the challenges and opportunities of integrating digital transformation technologies into key sectors and smart specialisation priorities.

"Digital transformation had become a very important topic in the context of a city or region's innovation ecosystem"
, mentions Euken Sese, Director at Fomento San Sebastian in Spain's Basque region. San Sebastián/Donostia have a very successful example of a Digital Hub, PI@ Innovation Center, where around 50 local companies are working with audiovisual digital technologies. PI@ is part of the audiovisual strategy that the city of Donostia/San Sebastián implements through the ERNACT partner Fomento de San Sebastián. Euken highlighted, however, the need for cities and regions to develop sustainable business models for digital transformation.

ERNACT Slovenian partners, the Laboratory for Telecommunications at the University of Ljubljana, have a deep expertise in Digital Innovation Hubs too. They have developed a network of over 25 Digital Hubs working together to create awareness and provide services to grow digital competencies.

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