Pilots developed in Finland within EEBAK project

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Partners from EEBAK share some of the results obtained from 5 pilots.
17 May 2019 - ARCTIC CLUSTER  project
Lead partner of EEBAK project, Lapland University of Applied Sciences (Finland) has shared information from 5 pilots they have been developing during the last months:

1. Laminated log house in Pello:
  • Single family house 
  • Built 2013
  • Constructed with laminated logs
  • Energy produced by wood chip boiler
  • Heat consumption 46 MWh/a
  • Electricity consumption 8 MWh/a
  • Measurements and analyses done in EEBAK
  • Monitoring of thermal and humidity behavior during winter and summer periods
  • Processing of measured data

2. Wellevi, element house in Levi:
  • Educational and work well-being center of Rovaniemi Municipal Federation of Education
  • Completed in 2014, built by students from Lapland Vocational School
  • Energy production by geothermal heating and solar panels
  • 800 m2, located near Levi center, seasonal usage 
  • Various different wall structures used for comparison
 Measurements and analyses done in EEBAK:
  • Monitoring of thermal and humidity behaviour during winter and summer periods
  • Collecting data from solar panel system
  • Processing of measured data
3. Vuotso school building in Sodankylä:
  • Primary school and kindergarten
  • Built in 1980
  • Oil heating with air to water heat pumps
  • Heat 390 MWh/a, Electricity 90 MWh/a 
Measurements and analyses done in EEBAK:
  • Monitoring of thermal and humidity behaviour during  summer and winter periods
  • Processing of measured data
  • Energy simulations with different energy efficiency improvements
  • Energy auditing

4. Administration building of Lapland Hospital District:
  • Built 1975
  • Mainly office spaces
  • Renovation and additions in 1989
  • Energy efficiency improvements during 2017 – 2018 
  • Added insulation, new windows, new balcony doors, eliminating air leaks in structure joints, tackling on cold bridges
  • Building has been thermally imaged before energy efficiency improvements (2011)
  • To analyze the impact of energy efficiency measures, building was thermally imaged again
  • Thermal images were shot from same locations to maximize comparability
  • Indoor climate comfort was improved clearly, mainly by eliminating air leaks and improving structural energy efficiency of windows and balcony doors
  • Energy consumption will be analyzed when data is available (spring 2019)

5. Hospital district administration building in Kemi:
  • LPSHP Administration building 
  • Construction year: 1954 
  • Renovated: 1994 
Measurements and analyses done in EEBAK:
  • Energy auditing
  • Monitoring of thermal and humidity behavior during winter and summer periods
  • Indoor air quality survey
  • Condition assessment

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