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9 European regions are learning from each other to increase energy efficiency in housing & public infrastructure by 4%.Now is the turn of the Romanian expertise
02 April 2019 - CLEAN  project
Picture by Iasi Municipality.

The 4th Steering Group Meeting of the CLEAN project will bring all the partners together in Iasi (Romania), hosted by the Municipality of Iasi. The objective is to discuss project activities and progress. Partners will also review the workplan, roles, responsibilities and contributions required in the next semester. Furthermore, partners will have the opportunity to learn more about local expertise by visiting the following sites and engaging with Romanian stakeholders: 
  • Technical University Campus building rehabilitation
  • Iasi Power heating station (co-generation system)
  • Municipal building rehabilitation (a hospital or elderly center)

Project seminar
'Energy Management and Efficiency in Homes and Buildings' is the name for the 4th interregional thematic seminar, hosted by the Municipality of Iasi. 

Firstly, the CLEAN project will be presented to the attendees and, afterwards, local energy experts will share their knowledge about energy management and energy efficiency measures in Romanian Cities, green buildings, the rehabilitation of the University Campus Buildings, 'Iasi City Energy Efficiency Strategy' and 'Iasi Sustainable Development Goals', among others. 

Exchange of experience
Iasi Municipality has already shared some local good energy practices within the partnership:
  • Energy efficient consolidation/ restoration of a historical building - City Museum of Iasi, an EU-funded project aiming to recuperate and restore a heritage building in Iasi respecting energy efficiency standards. More.
  • The thermal rehabilitation of blocks of flats in Iasi City for energy efficiency increase, a good practice that shows how to increasing energy efficiency and reduce costs for energy through the insulation of a block of flats (replacement of windows, renovation of roof and basement...). More.

Stay tuned!

Click here to email  Ianire Renobales at ERNACT for further information

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