ERNACT secures 3 digital transformation projects worth €4.5M in the past week

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Support to digital transformation in energy, key economic sectors and innovation now in the spotlight of ERNACT’s interregional cooperation strategies.
01 April 2019 - ERNACT  project
ERNACT is delighted to announce, following our success last week with the approval of the SMARCTIC project by the EU's Northern Periphery and Arctic programme, that another EU funding body (INTERREG Europe) have approved two further ERNACT projects. These have a combined budgets of €3.1 million and brings the total funding ERNACT has helped secure by to €4.5 million.

While both projects focus on the topic of digital transformation, they complement each other in that one project (REGIONS 4.0) focuses on the technologies involved while the other (CARPE DIGEM) focuses more on the people involved (entrepreneurs, workers and employers) and how local innovation environments need to adapt to cater for the rise of digitization.

Speaking after ERNACT’s AGM, outgoing ERNACT Chairperson, Councillor Gus Hastings, stated that “this brings to six the number of new projects which ERNACT has delivered for the North West Crossborder City Region since the last AGM; the total number of regions and cities with which we are now cooperating to 60; the total number of international projects under management to 11. This is an unprecedented undertaking for the two Councils, ERNACT and the region”. 

Colm Mc Colgan, ERNACT General Manager, added that “REGIONS 4.0 is strategically significant for the North West crossborder area as it will provide a dedicated resource for the City Region to explore how we should best respond to Industry 4.0”

Whilst the focus in REGIONS 4.0 will be on the technologies involved, the focus in CARPE DIGEM (or “sieze digital”), will be on how the wider innovation support environment in the North West and other parts of Europe – especially as it relates to workers and entrepreneurs - needs to adapt to take digitization into account. Incoming ERNACT Chairperson Cllr Rena Donaghey stated that this project “will add value to Donegal County Council’s effort to encourage the creation of a network of digital innovation hubs and suitable knowledge working space throughout the County, including the planned Inishowen Hub, and how Donegal and Derry/Strabane can pool resources."

SMARCTIC will apply smart city and Internet of Things (IoT) approaches to the management of energy in rural areas, villages and towns. Brian Boyle, Chairperson of the ERNACT transnational network led jointly by the two councils added that “the ERNACT network has now assembled a complementary suite of projects that together can have a significant impact on the digital transformation of member cities and regions. It is testimony to the depth of cooperation that now exists in the network”.

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