AI initiatives for public services in the North West of Ireland

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To date two AI good practices have been identified by the Irish partners in ENAIBLER, ERNACT and Donegal County Council
30 January 2024 - ENAIBLER  project
Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be transformative in addressing some of the challenges facing society today. The ENAIBLER project is exploring this potential through a collaboration across 5 European regions. One of its workstreams is that of identifying good practices that support public services though AI. Funded by Interreg Europe to date two good practices have been identified by the Irish partners in ENAIBLER, ERNACT and Donegal County Council.

AI Foundation Certificate for Public Servants
To be able to adopt AI in public services, a key area is upskilling public servants to understand the potential of AI, what it can and cannot do and the associated responsibilities, risks and benefits of its deployment. The Department of Public Expenditure and Reform (DPER) of Ireland launched a Foundation Certificate in Artificial Intelligence for public servants in 2021. This programme aligned with the goals to upskill staff in important areas that would foster innovation, in addition to driving transformative innovation by leveraging new and emerging technologies.

The aim of the AI Foundation Certificate for Public Servants course is:
  • To give a very basic introduction to AI so people understand the AI jargon, what it can and cannot be expected to do.
  • It is for people to realise their ethical responsibilities around the deployment of AI based systems in the delivery of public services.
It has been selected as a good practice for the ENAIBLER and has been published on the project website and in Interreg Europe’s Good Practice database.

Zero Waste Circular Management Service - Recycling Information Assistant
A further good practice identified for the North West of Ireland is an innovative chatbot to support recycling. The Recycling Information Assistant (RIA) exemplifies a cutting-edge approach to waste management. Launched by the Derry City and Strabane District Council, RIA utilizes AI-driven chatbot technology to deliver vital information on recycling options directly to citizens. By leveraging AI, RIA streamlines the reporting of issues and enhances public engagement, ultimately contributing to a more sustainable and efficient waste management ecosystem. RIA was developed under the ERNACT led EMERGREEN project funded by the Northern Periphery & Artic programme.

Since March 2023, the ENAIBLER project has served as a catalyst for collaboration and knowledge exchange among participating regions. Through study visits, conferences, and staff exchanges, project partners have had the opportunity to identify and collect local good practices, fostering a deeper understanding of AI's potential for regional development.

Click here to email  Maixa Zabaleta at ERNACT for further information

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