SAFER navigates towards a sustainable future in the seafood sector at the EMD2023

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Industry experts highlight the way towards a more sustainable and people-centred seafood sector through Industry 5.0
26 May 2023 - SAFER  project
Speakers of Industry 5.0: Towards a Responsible Seafood Sector
The European Maritime Day (EMD), a renowned two-day event where Europe's maritime community convenes to discuss maritime affairs and the sustainable blue economy, saw the successful participation of the SAFER project this year. Held in Brest, France, on May 24-25, the event attracted professionals from businesses, governments, public institutions, NGOs, academia, and EU citizens interested in the sea. 

The EMD 2023 organised by the European Commission, the Metropole of Brest, the Secretariat General for the Sea, the Region of Brittany and the department of Finistère is recognized as the meeting place for 'Ocean Leaders'. It provides an engaging and interactive platform for individuals to get updated on a wide range of issues concerning the blue economy and the marine environment, discuss potential strategies, and outline joint actions. 

During the two-day event, SAFER project organised a workshop titled "Industry 5.0: Towards a Responsible Seafood Sector," held on May 24. Jose Manuel San Emeterio, the SAFER project leader from ERNACT, kickstarted the workshop providing the context in which is organised and showing SAFER’s main results. His introduction also entailed a clear explanation of the differences between Industry 4.0 and Industry 5.0, setting the stage for the discussion. 

Next was Janita Arhaug, a project manager at Blue Legasea cluster and former fisherwoman, who shed light on the challenges faced by workers in the sector. She elaborated on how Industry 5.0 could contribute to a more human-centric approach in the seafood sector, an insight that was widely appreciated. 

Sébastien Crom, a representative from the Directorate of the Sea in Brittany Region, explained the steps they are taking towards the decarbonization of the fleet. His talk highlighted the need for resilient measures in the industry. 

Roberto Pastres, from Ca' Foscari University of Venice and coordinator of the H2020 GAIN project, emphasized the crucial role precision aquaculture can play in promoting a more sustainable seafood sector. His insightful talk spurred conversations on the integration of technological advancements for sustainability in the industry. 

Aneta Willems, Head of Department, Natural resources, Climate, Sustainable Blue Economy and Clean Energy (CINEA) wrapped up the workshop by presenting examples of projects supported by the EMFAF and LIFE Programmes that integrate Industry 5.0 solutions into the seafood sector. 

The workshop held under the umbrella of the SAFER project promoted fruitful dialogue about the future of the seafood sector under Industry 5.0. 

This is the second EMD edition, after the one in Lisbon in 2019, where SAFER has actively participated organising a thematic workshop and hosting a stand. 
SAFER project partners at EMD2023

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