APRIA Systems implements a pilot on marine RAS technology in the Spanish Institute of Oceanography

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A second pilot of the ELOXIRAS® RAS solution is under implementation at CUPIMAR
15 March 2023 - SAFER  project
As a result of the Open call of the SAFER project, co-funded by Interreg Atlantic Area, partner APRIA Systems (Spain) has been working with the awarded organisations CUPIMAR (Cultivos Piscícolas Marinos) (Spain) and Oceanographic Center of Santander, Spanish Institute of Oceanography COST-IEO (CSIC) (Spain) to implement Industry 4.0 technological solutions that provide efficient processes, improved and sustainable production.

More concretely, the innovative ELOXIRAS® RAS water solution was installed in February 2023 at the Oceanographic Center of Santander at the Spanish Institute of Oceanography COST-IEO. This is an aquaculture solution consisting in an innovative process for the treatment and reuse of marine and brackish water. It is developed to enhance the productivity and to reduce the environmental impact of recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS). Based on the electrochemical oxidation technology, it only requires an electrical potential between two electrodes in water.

One of the strengths of the solution is that it integrates automatic systems with remote alert procedures and supervision of the system condition and operation. Allowing to reach 100% of performance without start-up and adapting periods typical of the biological systems and to increase treatment capacity with the maximum simplicity and the minimum investment cost.

APRIA Systems team shared that, "ELOXIRAS is designed to achieve high efficacy in the removal of pollutants, bacteria, and viruses, in a cost-effective way, at the same time it optimizes water and energy intakes. It is compact, modular and easy to scale-up."

Our Spanish partner is also progressing a second pilot that will be implemented at CUPIMAR in Cadiz (Spain). APRIA Systems visited CUPIMAR's facilities in Cadiz (Spain) and gather the technical information they needed, and they are expecting to start with the implementation in the following month. 

ELOXIRAS is commercialized in several standardized models, based on its market application, its treatment capacity, and its functionalities. It is designed for existing small and large RAS facilities, truck or well-boat transport operations, as well as quarantine and biosecurity facilities for any RAS scale”, stated APRIA Systems team.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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