Training Donegal stakeholders in energy management

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SMARCTIC through Donegal County Council is developing an energy management of public indoor environments in Donegal
13 June 2022 - SMARCTIC  project
ERNACT led Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme funded SMARCTIC project partner Donegal County Council (Ireland) is developing an intelligent energy management of public indoor environments. Donegal County Council pilot is based on a collective community approach to energy management.

SMARCTIC partner has been meeting with local stakeholders to provide external expertise in Internet of Things (IOT), installation of sensors and also, they have provided a dashboard to view all the energy information in real time and comparative analysis and patterns of energy usage.

Managers from County Library, An Grianan Theatre, Regional Cultural Centre, Letterkenny Public Services Centre and Donegal County Museum participated in these meetings where lots of ideas and information was shared. And for the feedback received from the stakeholders, it’s well said that have been a successful initiative of the SMARCTIC project for our Irish partner Donegal County Council.

SMARCTIC approach is to focus, not on individual buildings or public infrastructure, but on the entire stock of buildings and public infrastructure within the community to minimise overall energy usage within the geographic boundary.

Heard some of the testimonies received from Donegal Stakeholders:

  • Paul Duddy from Letterkenny Public Services Centre shared that “I have learned a lot about the building that I work in, and other buildings that are used by the public, for example we got a technician to survey the buildings and produce a Display energy Cert, with the information in this report we were able to implement small improvements to the buildings to conserve energy”.
  • Jeremy Howard from Regional Cultural Centre says that “I’m hopeful that this project is just the beginning of a shift in more sustainable practices for the RCC. The transparent nature of the VERVE energy management system has almost ‘gamified’ the data for some staff members, who can now see direct results of their efforts”.
  • Fiona Truelove from County Library says “The energy certs have been issued and are now displayed in the building for all the public to view. The staff are more aware of the energy usage and as a result are more keen to become involved in energy savings”.
Find out more at SMARCTIC website!

Click here to email  Maixa Zabaleta at ERNACT for further information

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