"In many ways TIDE has made us think outside the box"

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Rosemarie Moulden, Inishowen Maritime Museum Manager (Donegal), talks about the TIDE activities in which she is involved.
13 October 2021 - TIDE  project
Rosemarie Moulden, Inishowen Maritime Museum Manager.

This week we continue our virtual journey across the Atlantic Area to talk with the TIDE project stakeholders. We want to know what they think about the project progress, how they are benefiting from the cooperation process and what are they learning from this experience. Our next stop will be at the Inishowen Maritime Museum in Donegal (Ireland), to meet the Manager, Rosemarie Moulden, and have a chat with her.

Why did you accept participating in TIDE? What aspect(s) attracted you to the project?
I was eager to participate in TIDE as I felt it was a wonderful opportunity to meet and engage with a range of people from different cultures and disciplines. Also, the prospect of using technologies such as VR to connect with real historical and archaeological sites was an opportunity not to be passed.

Do you find the exchange of experience process, good practices shared from other countries, useful to improve your knowledge and daily work?
Being involved in the exchange of experience process has been hugely beneficial to us in many ways. It has given us insight into how other countries manage projects of this type. It has also made us aware of additional techniques of how to pull information together and present it in a clear yet detailed manner. Importantly it has made us conscious that our maritime cultures and experiences, while geographically distant, are very similar.

At present, in which activities are you involved?
Inishowen Maritime Museum is involved in creating a VR experience based on the La Trinidad Valencera, a Spanish Armada ship, which was wrecked off the Inishowen coast in 1588. This experience will not only create links between Donegal and Spain but it will also create links with the other Spanish Armada wreck sites around the coast of Ireland. Importantly this year is the 50th anniversary of the discovery of the wreck of La Trinidad Valencera at Kinnagoe Bay and we are currently working with the National Museum of Northern Ireland to bring numerous artefacts from the wreck back on loan to Inishowen. We also have footage of the dive to the wreck in 1971 which we will have playing on our big screen at the museum. The VR experience will beautifully tie together the old footage and the real-life artefacts to give a fully immersive experience.

What benefit(s) would you highlight from participating in the TIDE project?
The main highlight of participating in the TIDE project is that it has allowed us to meet and seek advice from a range of experts we would not have otherwise had the opportunity to meet or interact with.

Is TIDE inspiring you to develop and market new types of multi-regional historical maritime niche tourist packages or visitor attractions?
In many ways TIDE has made us think outside the box. It has made us more aware of the shared maritime experiences throughout Europe. How each individual area interacts with the sea can be different and we enjoyed learning about this. We will most definitely be looking at developing new multi-regional tourist packages and we will be adding a European dimension to our museum.

Part of the exhibition of La Trinidad Valencera.

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