"Learning more about new technology has also opened up other possibilities for future exhibitions at Fort Dunree"

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David Magee, Fort Dunree Military Museum Manager (Donegal), explains the benefits of participating in TIDE.
04 October 2021 - TIDE  project
What do TIDE stakeholders think about this Atlantic Area funded project? Are they benefiting from the cooperation process? We virtually travel to Donegal (Ireland) to speak with one of the project stakeholders. David MageeFort Dunree Military Museum Manager, tells us his experience.

Why did you accept participating in TIDE? What aspect(s) attracted you to the project?
I felt that this was a great opportunity to network with a diverse range of other stakeholders in the project and to learn more about new technologies which we could possibly add to our existing tourism product.

Do you find the exchange of experience process, good practices shared from other countries, useful to improve your knowledge and daily work?
Without doubt, this has been a tremendous learning experience with the wealth of knowledge and experience of the rest of the stakeholders. I have learned a lot about HMS Saldanha and as a result of TIDE we have already incorporated touch screen displays detailing shipwrecks in Lough Swilly to our new Museum Exhibition.

At present, in which activities are you involved?
We are jointly involved with Fanad Lighthouse in creating a VR unit which will tell the story of HMS Saldanha. This will be based in our appropriately named Saldanha Suite!

What benefit(s) would you highlight from participating in the TIDE project?
I have found the Toolkit to be a very useful document and will endeavour to implement more of the best practice guidelines as Fort Dunree continues to develop in the next few years. Learning more about new technology has also opened up other possibilities for future exhibitions at Fort Dunree.

Is TIDE inspiring you to develop and market new types of multi-regional historical maritime niche tourist packages or visitor attractions?
Yes, we would very much like to be involved and develop multi regional packages, there are huge opportunities through this and could reap rewards for the whole Donegal region.

Would you like to add anything else?
It has been a pleasure to have been involved in this project and would like to thank Margaret, Conor and Barney for the extremely professional way that this project has been developed in testing circumstances.

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