Enhancing sustainability engagement through a digital participation platform

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Omaidea is a citizen participation platform developed under the EMERGREEN project to promote innovative and versatile citizen participation.
04 June 2021 - EMERGREEN  project
Omaidea (“Own idea” in English) is a citizen participation platform developed under the Northern, Periphery and Arctic Programme funded and ERNACT led EMERGREEN project to promote innovative and versatile citizen participation in the region of South-Savo in Finland.

Omaidea participation platform aims to raise awareness on sustainability issues, circular economy and climate change.

The platform is built using an open-source code software called Decidim and is developed to its present style and contents by University of Helsinki, and Ruralia Institute together with local partners from the city of Mikkeli. Over the past six months the platform has been used for three sustainability related piloting topics, organic waste and biogas, small scale climate actions and food waste mitigation.

At every opportunity we work to increase sustainability and improve circular economy values and behaviour especially among the youth. We also put efforts into sustainability nudging on the social media supporting Omaidea”, shared EMERGREEN project partners Päivi Pylkkänen and Karoliina Kuusela from Ruralia Institute.

The latest activity on the platform is a competition to propose ideas to deal with food waste. Ruralia Institutes’ EMERGREEN team is currently collaborating with the high school of Mikkeli to present the platform as part of their sustainability education and engagement. The activating lessons around food waste reached 70 students in three groups online.

Find out more about the Omaidea participation platform and its social media channels at

Click here to email  Maixa Zabaleta at ERNACT for further information

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