Approaching Digital Transformation for SMEs in San Sebastian

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ERNACT partner Fomento San Sebastian activates a Digital Maturity Assessment Tool for the retail and hospitality sectors.
04 May 2021 - DEVISE  project
DEVISE project staff exchange in San Sebastian, February 2020.

ERNACT led and Interreg Europe funded DEVISE project seeks to respond to the challenge of promoting the digitalisation of strategic business sectors. A challenge that is being addressed by the ERNACT partner Fomento San Sebastian (Spain), among others. The aim is to exploit the potential offered by companies who provide digitalisation services and to analyse the needs and demands of the businesses in these strategic sectors.

In cooperation with DEVISE partners Northern and Western Regional Assembly (Ireland) and Business Agency Association (Bulgaria), FSS is collectively working to develop a pilot action entitled online Digital Maturity Assessment Tool (DMAT) which will enable the businesses to get a view of their digital profile and estimate the measures they have to follow in order to advance in their digitalisation based on their real needs and resources.

In the case of the City of San Sebastian, DEVISE partners are focusing and making progress on the retail and hospitality sectors. The Economic Development Department, through Fomento San Sebastián, continues working to identify and analyse what are the main challenges and opportunities for their local businesses regards their digital transformation.

The participating businesses will have to respond to a questionnaire which will measure a series of dimensions: strategy, business culture, organisation, processes, technology, risk, innovation, investment capacity and customers and partners. In addition, it will help to improve and control the digital transformation journey of the businesses, and offer them the possibility to benchmark with other establishments of similar characteristics.

The initial steps of the pilot project have been taken in April and will be integrated into the DSS Market Plaza project, the city’s large online platform which seeks to bring retail and hospitality sectors ́ businesses together under a single showcase in order to position the local establishments. 

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