Economic growth opportunities in Derry with LEVELUP 2021

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This two-day blended digital and in-person event hosted by partners in Northern Ireland looked at innovation and inspiration from around the world.
26 April 2021 - HOPE  project
HOPE project partner in Northern Ireland Derry City and Strabane District Council, together with Startacus, hosted on the 21-22 April LEVELUP 2021, a two day blended digital and in-person event looking at innovation and inspiration from around the world. 

Laverne ODonnell, HOPE project partner from DCSDC, explains that LEVELUP 2021 aimed at exploring how people, both locally and internationally, have created opportunity, economic growth and initiated discussions for a real change. Meanwhile day one focused on the Economy, day two brought people into the spotlight. Two of the sessions that took place during the second day were connected with HOPE's approach.

Social Purpose: What's the social mission for your business?
This session explored the global movement to balance business purpose and profit. Even before the pandemic, the world was evolving and tech innovations were happening at a significant pace. However, Covid-19 has spurred these changes on even further.

At LEVELUP, attendees got the opportunity to learn about what change and opportunity exists if we're to thrive in this new economy - be that as individuals, companies, or regions. Among others, the topics disucssed were: 

  • How the pandemic has enforced the need for businesses to be in tune with their social mission
  • Why 'profit' is not a dirty word for ethical businesses
  • How technology can help change the world and how you can be part of that journey
  • From caring to sharing - the role that social entrepreneurs and social innovators can play in creating change for good
  • Initiatives, organisations and innovators leading the way in driving social impact within their business models
  • Easy ways you too can consider what your own business' social purpose is

Diversity and Inclusion: From Talk to Action 
During this session, attendees looked at initiatives and programmes aiming to make an impact on diversity and inclusion across various industries and sectors, highlighting why we all need to be part of the process. At LEVELUP participants explore the following topics together:

  • What Diversity and Inclusion really means in practical terms
  • Why it matters and why it should be at the top of all our agendas
  • What the post-pandemic workplace should look like and how we can start to implement change
  • The initiatives and practices that show how it’s done - and done well
  • From company Boardrooms, Advertising Agencies, schools and workplaces - the people championing change
  • What we need to do to build a truly inclusive society

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