Derry continues moving forward with the Intelligent Cities Challenge programme

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Tell us how to shape skills initiatives in the City, get digi-tech training, showcase your solutions, & more ICC news!
30 March 2021 - DEUICC  project
The EU’s exciting and innovative Intelligent Cities Challenge (ICC) is underway in the City-Region and is focused on making a difference via digital transformation and related skills projects with a key focus on young people. The local ICC team of Derry City and Strabane District Council (DCSDC), ERNACT and the ICC lead expert Saverio Romeo, want to share what’s happening with you and invite you to get involved:

  • Join the next workshop!
We will discuss the ICC Skills initiatives that have been selected for the City and start to shape their implementation at the ICC Skills Initiatives Workshop on the 20th of April. Register here.

  • Open Data or Digital Automation Training
An introduction to the concept of open data and what it means for cities and communities is available from ICC here and it is open to all at no charge. You can access free RPA (Digital Automation) training from UIpath here.

  • Marketplace of ICC
In the ICC Marketplace, cities can illustrate solutions to the entire ICC community. We invite you to use this to highlight your solutions that have had an impact for the city! Try it!

  • Derry Institute of Employability Study 
The City Skills work has been noted and we are to join a 3 year policy research study on improving access to quality work for young people by the Institute of Employability Studies. Improving access to good work for young people.

  • EU Advanced Technologies for Industry
For data, analysis, reports and webinars on emerging digital technologies for enterprises and Industry 4.0, follow the EU Advanced Technologies for Industry initiative.
Find out more!

Finally, if you wish to find out more about Derry's performance in the ICC programme, please feel free to visit the official programme website in which an article about the city has been recently published. Our City-Region is highlighted by the  Intelligent Cities Challenge team along with the City of Pori, our collaborators on advanced technical skills.
Read it here!

Click here to email  Ianire Renobales at ERNACT for further information

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