Horizon 2020: REPLICATE lighthouse project's final conference

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Coordinated by the ERNACT member Fomento San Sebastian, the consortium formed by 38 partners will present the achievements of 3 smart cities.
22 March 2021 - ERNACT  project
The European 'REPLICATE' ('Renaissance of Places with Innovative Citizenship and Technology') is a lighthouse project funded by the Horizon 2020 programme for smart implementations. REPLICATE has been led by the City of San Sebastian and coordinated by the core ERNACT member Fomento San Sebastian. After 5 years of collaboration and intense work among the 38 partners of the consortium, within the European Union's largest city-oriented research and innovation programme, REPLICATE arrives to its end with plenty of interesting and relevant conclusions and achievements that will be shared through an online conference on Friday, 26th March.

With a budget of almost 30 million euros, the project has developed a sustainable city business model in the pilot cities of San Sebastian (Spain), Florence (Italy) and Bristol (United Kingdom). The objective of REPLICATE has been to improve the transition process towards a smart city in the areas of energy efficiency, sustainable mobility and ICTs / Infrastructures, by accelerating the deployment of innovative technologies, improving the quality of life of citizens, and influencing the replication process. The project also aimed to increase the quality of life of citizens across Europe by demonstrating the impact of innovative technologies used to co-create smart city services for citizens and to test the optimal process for replicating successes in cities and across cities.

REPLICATE final conference
The online event will gather stakeholders from the European Smart ecosystem that will go deeper on the Smart City model. The conference will commence with an institutional welcome and the presentation of the European Commission and then, an expert will share the vision and challenges of the future of the smart cities. Furthermore, the implementations carried out by the partners in the cities of San Sebastian, Florence and Bristol will be showcased and, apart from that, other cross-cutting activities that are important for the development of the smart cities will be also presented. Finally, a session with other lighthouse projects will close the event.

Check the agenda of the event and register here!
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