Derry participates in an Open Data for cities online session

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A training course on Open Data for cities is open for registration to the public.
25 February 2021 - DEUICC  project
Intelligent Cities Challenge programme, in which ERNACT partner Derry City and Strabane District Council (Northern Ireland) is taking part, has recently organised an open data session, chaired by Lea Hemetsberg.

Different experts across Europe took part on this workshop and shared their expertise with the #100ICC attendees. Among others, Joran Van Daele, from the City of Ghent (Belgium) talked about their Open Data charter: data is open by default in the city of Ghent and made accessible for both non-commercial and commercial use. They have active engagement with groups to encourage data usage in catered events to talk about open data and do deep dives via hackathonsThey measure impact by tracking volume of API calls, check quality on when data last updated and number logs of access. Dr Margaret Quinn, ERNACT Programme Manager and Derry ICC member team, noted the point made by Joran for cities getting started that, advice to a city at the outset is to get political support for open data and to convince others by being sure you can convince that the data will really be used. He added that they use it for mobility, crime numbers, trees location and type, heritage & culture and air monitoring. Furthermore, the data that is available to the city authority is made available via the open data portal.

Afterwards, Alex Gluhak talked about how to publish data, more technical covering of the different types of data sets (public, private, geo-spatial, crowd-sources, closed,..) and how they can be updated (data dumps, periodically, continuous...). He mentioned that Open Data should be freely used, re-used and distributed. He spoke about using an Open Data license, the importance of data consistence and quality and also that discoverability of Open Data matters. He explained how to set up an Open Data portal, their hosting and content management systems. Each data set has its own page, UI for publishing, meta-data, data store, API support... According to him, setting up a data portal is not so difficult for a technical person. Alex suggested seeking competence in the local ecosystem (e.g tech colleges or universities). He also referred to the importance of the Open Data standards directory and the W3C data catalogue on data catalogue standards (how to describe data). They brought some examples projects such as the 'City of London open data & Synchronicity project'. Finally, Alex noted that, to get Open Data started for a city, there needs to be a policy in place form the leadership and that co-ordination is needed across all departments in a local authority.

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