Innovation as a Service (IaaS) approach: supporting the next generation of digital transformation ecosystems

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CARPE DIGEM partnership, in which the ERNACT network participates, will organise a round table to share the successful IaaS model.
16 November 2020 - IaaS  project
Interreg Europe funded CARPE DIGEM partners aim to learn from the recently approved and ERNACT led Innovation-as-a-Service or IaaS project. An online session will be organised on the 26th November with international project partners and stakeholders to share some good practices learnt in Ireland.

IasS offers a new approach that enables digital stakeholders to more effectively manage the delivery of customised technology transfer solutions to their organisations and their clients, from universities, institutes of technology and private sector companies. Furthermore, IaaS aims to form effective innovation partnerships overcoming the challenges posed by lack of geographic, social, cultural and economic proximity to effective solutions.

On the 26th, CARPE DIGEM partners and stakeholders will discuss about the potential that this type of approach in supporting digital transformation in regions overcoming factors such as limited access to innovations or skills in their own geographical area or the need of finding new ways of collaboration brought by COVID-19.

Jose Manuel San Emeterio, ERNACT Programme Manager and CARPE DIGEM project partner, will present and explain how IasS will support the digital transformation of companies in the North West Cross-border region of Ireland. San Emeterio mentions that this project will "accelerate their competitiveness and innovation levels". According to him, the unique approach of the project is to use sophisticated digital collaboration services to better network and connect the Border region’s growing network of innovation hubs to technology providers (universities and institutes of technology) across the Border and West regions. Furthermore, this approach will serve as use case to discuss around how to effectively implement these collaboration environments supporting Digital Transformation.

Afterwards, attendees will have time for an open discussion. Among others, they will respond the following questions and topics: 

  • IaaS platform will initiate the journey and show companies the possibilities for their Digital Transformation. It also includes supporting phase for its implementation. Which tools and support services can be effectively delivered in this environment? 
  • How to extend this type of approach/services to support the Digital Transformation of public sector?
  • Digital simulation environments as effective way to design new solutions.

Read more about Innovation-as-a-Service (IaaS).

Click here to email  Ianire Renobales at ERNACT for further information

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