Tower Museum in Derry releases new online maritime heritage collections

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Maritime life stories will be virtually accessible to captivate different audiences.
31 July 2020 - TIDE  project
Foyle Quay. Maritime Gallery. Derry Tower Museum.

The Tower Museum, located in Derry (Northern Ireland), is one of the TIDE project main stakeholders and they are now releasing new exciting online maritime heritage collections!

Derry has witnessed pivotal events alongside its history. From the first settlers along the river Foyle, using the water as a source of defence and resource for fishing and gathering for their communities, to the siege of the city and the breaking of the boom to eighteenth and nineteenth centuries’ shipbuilding and emigration. During the twentieth century, Derry also became a key port in the Battle of the Atlantic. Now, the Tower Museum is making public a series of online resources that tell the story of the evolution of Derry and its connections with the maritime life and heritage. 

Among others, the public will be able to learn more about World Wars, Spanish Armada and Plantation / Siege and to access detailed diaries from transatlantic journeys as far as to Argentina and Australia, advertisements for shipping goods, warning signs for theft and poor behaviour and art showcasing the development of the port over the years.  

A new virtual experience coming soon!
As part of our TIDE project, the Tower Museum plan to further develop these stories in a new visitor virtual experience. “One of the major outcomes for us in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and the closure of the museum has been the increased moving of our collections online”, says Ronan McConnell, TIDE project partner and project officer at Derry City and Strabane District Council. According to him, the fast-moving pace of virtual technology is creating many new possibilities for the public to engage with museum’s collections. “Our range of learning programmes help to make local heritage accessible to all, especially our younger citizens.”

Nonetheless, the Tower Museum has other initiatives ongoing to engage with different audiences. For example, a dedicated Dementia programme which offers reminiscence sessions or, the Live Well programme, which is aimed at Community groups in the Derry City and Strabane District Council area. The aim is to captivate over 50s who do not usually access museums and promote wellbeing through connection to thee collections and through related creative activities, such as glass painting, drawing and decoupage.

The maritime heritage collections are now available on the museum’s new website: 

Underwater diving equipment shoe. Maritime Gallery. Derry Tower Museum.

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