2nd Arctic Clustering Project Call

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Call Description:
To support the implementation of macro-regional and sea-basin strategies, the NPA Monitoring Committee is encouraging clustering activities between ongoing projects.

Clustering activities can take place between projects from different Arctic programmes dealing with the same theme or projects that are addressing the same territorial challenges. The cooperation has to take place between projects funded by different cooperation programmes and the objective is to ensure better implementation of the cooperating projects, more efficient use of the funding, better results and wider dissemination of the results.

The clustering activities shall contribute to the implementation of EU’s Macro Regional and Sea Basin strategies, the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region and the Action Plan for a Maritime Strategy for the Atlantic, or to the EU Arctic Communication, An integrated European Union policy for the Arctic.

To assist applicants with their application, there will be a "How To Apply seminar held on March 7th, 2019 at the NPA offices in Copenhagen.

Decisions on clustering projects will be made by the Joint Secretariat. The approval process takes approximately 1 month from submission. If you are interested in applying, we recommend that you get in touch with the Regional Contact Point in your region. Alternatively, you can contact Christopher Parker at the Joint Secretariat,


Call Opens: 01 December 2018  - Confirmed

Call Closes: 30 April 2019  - Confirmed

ERNACT Contact:

Programme: Northern Periphery and Artic Programme 2014-2020

The overall programme objective is to provide funding to public organisations to work with other like-minded organisations in the NPA territory. In this way, the partners can expand horizons building on concrete outcomes and enabling the area to be a first class region. The projects must address one of the following four topics: (1) Innovation; (2) Entrepreneurship; (3) Low-carbon energy and; (4) Natural or Cultural heritage.

Funding Description:

Public organisations, for example, can be local or regional authorities, universities or chambers of commerce. If interested in one of the four topics (see above), they must identify other organisations in other countries in the NPA area who are also interested. The common solutions must be international in character, tangible and measurable. They could relate to:

1) Working together to produce a new product or service that has an international character

2) Facilitating the transfer of economic development solutions, and their practical application, from one country or region to another

3) Working together to develop new or innovative economic development solutions that can be applied in practice in more than one country/region

4) Exchange of ideas, experience and good practice that improves the stock of organisational knowledge.

Groups of around 6 organisations from different NPA countries that have identified sufficient common interest around a particular solution can then develop a "proposal".

A proposal is a commitment by the interested organisations to work together for around 3 years to develop and implement the common solution. The project's workplan is quite intensive requiring substantial input in time and working with the other organisations in the project.

The proposal can be submitted to the NPA Programme for funding. Submission occurs as a result of open public "calls for proposals" by NPA programme management. Organisations in successfully approved proposals can receive upto 65% of their cost of participation.

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