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ERNACT IMC Meeting Autumn 2020 17&18 Nov

The ERNACT network of regions and cities will meet for the 2nd time in 2020 on 17 & 18 November.

The meeting will be an online meeting, necessitated, of course, by the ongoing disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic (It was originally planned to hold the meeting in Brussels). The meeting will have a busy agenda, with the following main objectives:

• Welcome ERNACT's new member, the Irish Gaeltacht region, to the network
• Review progress in approving the new EU programmes for the period 2021-2027
• Discuss how the network is responding to the impact of COVID-19 on operations
• Agree an operating budget for 2021 to enable management of on-going projects.
• Get an update on member regions' digital transformation priorities and development of new projects
• Review 2021 Communications Strategy, including attraction of a new member.

In addition, to ERNACT members it is planned to invite representatives from the EU, member Brussels offices and managing authorities. The meeting will be divided into two separate sessions, over two days. 

An overview of each session is described below. Please click on the session title to read its detailed agenda.

1 - Day 1: ERNACT Development Workshop
This part of the programme will be an opportunity for member regions and cities and invited guests to get an introduction to ERNACT's newest member region, i.e., Ireland's Gaeltacht region from their Chairperson and Chief Executive.

A major focus of the session will be to review and discuss the evolution of the EU programmes for the period 2021 - 2027 that can assist member regions and cities in their digital transformation efforts, with a special focus on the proposed new Digital Europe programme.

Finally the network will reflect on how the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is affecting the work of the network and its constituent regions and how we are adjusting.
Location :
17 Nov 20 12:00 - 14:00
2 - Day 2: Network Reflection & Administration
This session will focus on the digital transformation needs of the ERNACT member regions and cities for the next 12 months, with a view to agreeing the outlines of upto four interregional cooperation projects that can be submitted to new calls for proposals that will open next year under the 2021-2027 EU programming period.

It will also agree a budget for 2021 that can support both the development of these new projects and the management of existing projects.

It will also explore possible new regions that may be interested in joing the network, as well as plans to celebrate ERNACT's 30th anniversary.
Location :
18 Nov 20 12:00 - 14:10
Core ERNACT regions
Newfoundland & Labrador
South Ostrobothnia
West Romania
San Sebastián
Derry & Strabane
United Kingdom