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'Smart Villages, a key for development in rural areas'
10 September 2019
 - 12 September 2019
10:00  - 18:00
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Aim of Event

To explore and discuss how rural areas can benefit from the application of the smart cities approach.
  1. Learn from our Slovenian partners how to apply technologies and innovative smart approaches for the development of rural areas
  2. Contribute to the discussion providing the Irish perspective


Core ERNACT Partner Laboratory for telecommunications (LTFE), from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of University of Ljubljana, organises 'Smart Villages – A key for development in rural areas' conference within the Interreg Alpine Space Programme funded 'Smart Digital Transformation of Rural Areas in Alpine Space' project. The conference will take place on the 12th of September in Koper (Slovenia) and it will bring together researchers, policy makers and good practices. 

Peter Niederer, Interreg Alpine Space Smart Villages project coordinator, mentions that the project is ready to present to a wider public project achievements concerning smartness assessment, exchange and implementation tools as well as the progress of concrete pilot activities in the Smart Villages test areas. "The aim is to inspire other regions to test a SmartVillages approach".

Smart villages and digitalization for rural development are one of the major topics in which ERNACT partner the Laboratory for telecommunications within the Faculty of Electrical Engineering is focusing in the last seven years. "We believe that quality of life in the rural areas in terms of quality of food, air and water is by no comparison better than in the cities, however there are still many opportunities and obstacles preventing these opportunities to be used. We believe that digitalisation can have major role in overcoming the obstacles and keeping or bringing back the life in rural areas", explains ERNACT partner Emilija Stojmenova Duh, Assistant professor and project coordinator at University of Ljubljana.

Meeting, study visits and project conference
During the first day, the partnership will organise the 3rd partner meeting. They will review technical and financial issues, test areas, SV Digital Toolbox tutorial and they will organise the 'Digital Exchange Platform workshop'. 

The following day a series of study visits will take place. Among others, attendees will visit the 
renovated Padna tourist info center, the multi-functional courtyard and hall of cultural center, Santomas wine cellar, Emonec brewery, Olive mill Lisjak and Šmarje village. Msc. Andrej Medved, from the community of village Šmarje, says: "the village Šmarje in Municipality of Koper has decided to build up its future on a smart development strategy. A group of young ambitious people was engaged to develop and implement the strategy until 2022 with the main target to take advantage of our local resources for the best of our current and future generations. We understand the digitalization of our rural environment as a crucial step to be taken in building our smart development platform". 

In reference to the conference that will be organised the third day, 
Medved adds: "The conference represents a great opportunity for us to demonstrate and validate our strategy with EU experts and other participants. Additionally, we are looking forward to meet interesting people and exchange any positive practices with them. We can't talk about smart development of our area without including smart people as a main generator of further ideas and development". 

Veronika Zavratnik, Researcher at Faculty of Electrical Engineering concludes that this project is searching for new, holistic solutions to the pressing global problematics. "The conference aims to present the most recent guidelines and policies in this field and the most important project outputs, but at the same time the conference aims to show how Smart Villages are not only technology-focused but foremost people-centred and sustainable communities".

Registration, agenda and further details.
Picture by Sonja Glavina.


Responsible Organisation:
University of Ljubljana
Veronika Zavratnik
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Laboratory for telecommunications (LTFE)
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Faculty of Humanities
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University of Primorska Titov trg 5, 6000 Koper, Slovenia
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