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   Digital Foundations
Digital Skills
Derry & Strabane : Work with schools, training bodies, industry and 3rd level institutions to highlight career opportunity, to improve the supply of skills and ensure the city is attracting & retaining workers with the required skills. Focus on youth.
Donegal : Establish a working group on training spearheaded by ATU Letterkenny and pursue set-up of a Donegal Training portal related to digital skills.
West Romania : Upgrade of Tier 1 & 2 (Automotive) + vocational training in emerging industries; DIH, EEN - upskiling to exploit ICT technologies in all smart specialisation sectors and boost digital transformation of SMEs;
South Ostrobothnia : Seamk and educational organisations of the region (VET Sedu), business development organisations e.g. Into Seinäjoki, RCSO, municipalities, businesses - especially SMEs
Ljubljana : - Collaboration in Pact 4 Skills; Prediction of future skills needed; Programs for digital skills for companies, public administrators and local authorities. - Advanced ICT training, covering all the topics in this document in Ljubljana partner
Cantabria : Manufacturing (Metalic Transformation)
San Sebastián : Digital training programmes (wide range of webinars on digital marketing, blockchain, ecommerce, artificial intelligence)
Gaeltacht : Flagship language learning project based on close links with TG4 resources + virtual reality platform aimed at all Gaeltacht population + distinct communities in that. This could be conceived with Basque, Finnish & Slovenian language interests
Nièvre : Nevers Agglomération/Urban Area, Nièvre County Council, SMEs, NGOs
North West City Region :
Västernorrland : Increase supply of ICT & ebusiness skills; Attract more women & young people into ICT; Build awareness of potential to use ICT in other professions; Recognise digital competences in formal learning; raise awareness of eLearning as a reskilling tool.
Upper Franconia : Foster skills of local workforce: - Digital recruiting - Training of professionals - Telemedicine: prescribing medicines at the click of a button - Energy efficiency via digital tools
Core ERNACT regions
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