Digital Transformation and Smart Specialisation
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   Digital Foundations
Advanced Broadband
Derry & Strabane : Work with government, telecommunication companies & academia to deliver the high speed broadband infrastructure needed for people & organisations: IoT network coverage, 5G Mobile, high speed for rural areas, local business
Donegal : Actively working to ensure that Donegal's businesses and citizens are connected at work and at home with fibre, public wi-fi and the latest mobile technologies.
Digital Skills
Derry & Strabane : Work with schools, training bodies, industry and 3rd level institutions to highlight career opportunity, to improve the supply of skills and ensure the city is attracting & retaining workers with the required skills. Focus on youth.
Donegal : Establish a working group on training spearheaded by LYIT and pursue set-up of a Donegal Training portal/window related to digital skills.
Ljubljana :
Cantabria : Manufacturing (Metalic Transformation)
Investment in Digital Research
Derry & Strabane : Work with government, research bodies and industry to increase the level and quality of research in key sectoral areas
Donegal : Work with universities in West, North West and Northern Ireland to increase the supply of the relevant digital research needed to support smart specialisation and target economic sectors
Ljubljana :
Cantabria : Manufacturing (Chemistry & Metalic Transformation)
   Smart City & Region
Smart Energy
Cantabria : Manufacturing (Chemistry & Metalic Transformation)
Donegal : Transition to a low carbon economy via adoption of green technologies, smart energy management, renewables and energy efficiency
Mobility as a Service
Public Services
Intelligent Infrastrucure
Spatial Planning
   Digital Innovation
Open Data
Ljubljana :
Derry & Strabane : Develop an open data action plan to stimulate innovation & entrepreneurship
Open Innovation Test Beds
Derry & Strabane : Create highly visible spaces where companies can meet researchers and innovations. This is targeted at advanced manufacturing, creative digital and health & lifescience sectors
Donegal : Develop "living labs" in the key areas of Advanced Manufacturing, Public Services (Energy, Public Planning service) Blue Ocean and Tourism and Culture (VR). Leverage the Digital Hubs network (Blue Economy in Killybegs; VR in Gaoth Dobhair,....
Ljubljana :
Digital Innovation Hubs
Donegal : Deliver a network of digital hubs to support local communities and remote working. Pursue integrated marketing, co-operation on systems development & services portfolio of Donegal Hubs.
Ljubljana :
Derry & Strabane : Promote the City's network of Hubs/tech parks & improve their digital innovation capacity
Stimulate Digital Startups
Ljubljana :
Cantabria : Manufacturing (Chemistry & Metalic Transformation)
Derry & Strabane : Increase the number of spin-offs by technology transfer, collaboration between research centres & entrepreneurs, test-beds.
Donegal : Promote emerging disruptive technologies and local research projects to inspire local entrepreneurs as well as Digital entrepreneurs amongst diaspora
Industry 4.0
Donegal : Improve support for introduction of Advanced manufacturing techniques into relevant sectors in Donegal. Identify companies who can benefit and bring I4.0 to them.
Ljubljana :
Derry & Strabane : Increase the number of local manufacturing companies piloting Industry 4.0 by collaboration with research centre such as CIDRA & developing living labs
Research Procurement
Ljubljana :
Cantabria : Professionalisation (Life & Health Services, Food Production), New Research & Development Groups ( Manufacturing - Chemistry), Export/Import (Manufacturing - Metalic Transformation)
University in Innovation
Ljubljana :
Cantabria :
Derry & Strabane : Develop the links between the City's Research centres and local business to act as a catalyst and innovation enabler
Donegal : LYIT to work with the large digital companies in the County (e.g., Pramerica) to organise demonstration of disruptive digital technology, aimed at potential entrepreneurs and existing companies
Grow Existing ICT SME Cluster
Donegal : Improve the level of business between Donegal's existing small ICT companies and other sectors.
Cantabria : Process to Launch (Food Production), New Programme (Manufacturing -Chemistry )
Derry & Strabane : Implement an innovation programme to create more jobs, start-ups & new ventures via digital enterprises
Transform Traditional SMEs
Ljubljana :
Derry & Strabane : Stimulate adoption of digital transformation approaches by the traditional business sector by supportive interventions
Donegal : Focus support interventions to assist non-digital SME's to adopt the more advanced disruptive technologies (e.g., online selling)
Circular Economy
   Digital Transformation Technologies
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Ljubljana :
Cantabria : Manufacturing (Chemistry & Metalic Transformation)
Data Analytics
Ljubljana :
Cantabria : Manufacturing (Chemistry & Metalic Transformation)
Donegal : Develop local talent pool. Increase understanding and capability of business and community.
Ljubljana :
Cantabria : Autonomous Vehicles (Blue Ocean, Manufacturing (Chemistry & Metalic Transformation)
Derry & Strabane : Develop initiatives, piloting between CIDRA and local businesses to increase awareness, skills and capability in Industry 4.0.
Ljubljana :
Cantabria : Manufacturing (Metalic Transformation)
Ljubljana :
Cantabria : Manufacturing (Metalic Transformation)
Donegal : Develop local talent pool. Increase understanding and capabiltiy of business and community.
3D Printing
Ljubljana :
Cantabria : Manufacturing (Metalic Transformation)
Virtual Reality (VR)
Donegal : Develop VR/AR resources in the region and leverage to empower businesses and community to explore the potential benefits
Ljubljana :
Cantabria : Manufacturing (Metalic Transformation)
Internet of Things (IoT)
Donegal : Develop IoT pilots within open data initiative for areas such as energy, environment and tourism.
Ljubljana :
Cantabria : New Factory Layouts (Automotive), Manufacturing (Chemistry & Metalic Transformation), Long Range Sensors (Food Production)
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