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  Digital Foundations
Advanced Broadband
Derry & Strabane : Work with government, telecommunication companies & academia to deliver the high speed broadband infrastructure needed for people & organisations: IoT network coverage, 5G Mobile, high speed for rural areas, local business
Donegal : Actively working to ensure that Donegal's businesses and citizens are connected at work and at home with fibre, public wi-fi and the latest mobile technologies
Digital Skills
Derry & Strabane : Work with training bodies, industry and 3rd level institutions to monitor needs for digital skills, to improve the supply of skills and ensure the city is attracting & retaining workers with the required skills. The focus on key sectoral areas.
Donegal : Proactively engage to educate, attract and retain the digital skills to meet the current and future needs of Donegal's S3 priorities and key sectors
Ljubljana :
Cantabria : Manufacturing (Metalic Transformation)
Investment in Digital Research
Derry & Strabane : Work with government, research bodies and industry to increase the level and quality of research in key sectoral areas
Donegal : Work with universities in West, North West and Northern Ireland to increase the supply of the relevant digital research needed to support smart specialisation and target economic sectors
Ljubljana :
Cantabria : Manufacturing (Chemistry & Metalic Transformation)
  Smart City & Region
Smart Energy
Cantabria : Manufacturing (Chemistry & Metalic Transformation)
Donegal : Transition to a low carbon economy via adoption of green technologies, smart energy management, renewables and energy efficiency
Mobility as a Service
Public Services
Intelligent Infrastrucure
Spatial Planning
  Digital Innovation
Open Data
Ljubljana :
Derry & Strabane : Develop an open data action plan to stimulate innovation & entrepreneurship
Open Innovation Test Beds
Derry & Strabane : Create highly visible spaces where companies can meet researchers and innovations. This is targetted at advanced manufacturing, creative digital and health & lifescience sectors
Donegal : Develop "living labs" in the key areas of Advanced Manufacturing, Blue Ocean and Tourism and Culture.
Ljubljana :
Digital Innovation Hubs
Donegal : Deliver a network of digital hubs in the larger population and tourism areas of Donegal providing a range of working spaces, entrepreneurial and innovation services.
Ljubljana :
Derry & Strabane : Promote the City's network of Hubs/tech parks & improve their digital innovation capacity
Stimulate Digital Startups
Ljubljana :
Cantabria : Manufacturing (Chemistry & Metalic Transformation)
Derry & Strabane : Increase the number of spin-offs by technology transfer, collaboration between research centres & entrepreneurs, test-beds.
Industry 4.0
Donegal : Improve support for introduction of Advanced manufacturing techniques into relevant sectors in Donegal
Ljubljana :
Derry & Strabane : Increase the number of local manufacturing companies piloting Industry 4.0 by collaboration with research centre such as CIDRA & developing living labs
Research Procurement
Ljubljana :
Cantabria : Professionalisation (Life & Health Services, Food Production), New Research & Development Groups ( Manufacturing - Chemistry), Export/Import (Manufacturing - Metalic Transformation)
University in Innovation
Ljubljana :
Cantabria :
Derry & Strabane : Develop the links between the City's Research centres and local business to act as a catalyst and innovation enabler
Donegal : Increase the level of digital start-ups, research and innovation taking place by linking local 3rd level and local business by actively and systematically seeking out additional research and start-up opportunities
Grow Existing ICT SME Cluster
Donegal : Improve the level of business between Donegal's existing small ICT companies and other sectors.
Cantabria : Process to Launch (Food Production), New Programme (Manufacturing -Chemistry )
Derry & Strabane : Implement an innovation programme to create more jobs, start-ups & new ventures via digital enterprises
Transform Traditional SMEs
Ljubljana :
Derry & Strabane : Stimulate adoption of digital transformation approaches by the traditional business sector by supportive interventions
Donegal : Support interventions to assist non-digital SME's to adopt digital for increased resilience and capability to go global.
Circular Economy
  Digital Transformation Technologies
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Ljubljana :
Cantabria : Manufacturing (Chemistry & Metalic Transformation)
Data Analytics
Ljubljana :
Cantabria : Manufacturing (Chemistry & Metalic Transformation)
Ljubljana :
Cantabria : Autonomous Vehicles (Blue Ocean, Manufacturing (Chemistry & Metalic Transformation)
Ljubljana :
Cantabria : Manufacturing (Metalic Transformation)
Ljubljana :
Cantabria : Manufacturing (Metalic Transformation)
3D Printing
Ljubljana :
Cantabria : Manufacturing (Metalic Transformation)
Virtual Reality (VR)
Donegal :
Ljubljana :
Cantabria : Manufacturing (Metalic Transformation)
Internet of Things (IoT)
Donegal :
Ljubljana :
Cantabria : New Factory Layouts (Automotive), Manufacturing (Chemistry & Metalic Transformation), Long Range Sensors (Food Production)
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