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Tourist Guide in Luleå

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Tourist Guide in Luleå
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Societal Challenges
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Luleå University of Technology

In Luleå the aim is to develop a website for the concept of “before-during-after” a visit at the World Heritage exhibition in Gammelstad. The before phase is marketing the object using information about attractions in the area and other useful information during the visit. The during phase gives visitors access to the attractions using a mobile applications. The mobile application supports the visitor with guided tours that follows a historical walk through the church town and learns about church history of the city and development of World Heritage status and how the church misused the city today. The after phase gives the visitor possibilities to give feedback on the visit in Gammelstad to different actors.  

The pictures are examples of views of the mobile application. The one on the left side shows the starting page and the other is an example of a point of interest.




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