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Mobile Tourism App - Iceland

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Mobile Tourism App - Iceland
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Societal Challenges
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Icelandic Centre for Retail Studies

The main focus of the Icelandic Centre for Retail Studies at Bifröst University will be on the development of a Mobile Tourism App offering information on local food, craft and design. Such products are growing in interest for tourists that visit Iceland. All around the rural Iceland there are companies that produce local foods, handicraft and design of great variety & quality and tourists are willing to go to great lengths to shop locally and responsibly. This means that a tourist guide using technology like App for smartphones is ideal as a support both to sustainable production as well as tourism in periphery areas.





TG4NP is also an opportunity to provide both local authorities and business alike with valuable information when promoting their products and areas. The possibility of getting in contact with customers and receiving feedback through smartphone technology & the social media makes such technology extremely valuable for rural areas. Using digital tourist guide the tourist visiting Iceland can not only receive accurate information on where he can buy local food or craft and design but also share the experience with the rest of the world with the help of new technology. This will help to increase sales and could be a new motor for further prosperity of the rural areas and more sustainable periphery economy.

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