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Tourist Guide in Donegal

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Tourist Guide in Donegal
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Societal Challenges
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This project will enable the promotion and stimulation of the tourism sector in the North West region of Ireland using new innovative ICT technology. This culturally rich and primarily rural region has an abundance of untapped natural resources. The region has been very badly hit by the current economic climate and tourism will play a key role in getting the region back on its feet again. In addition, the City of Derry has been awarded the UK City of Culture in 2013. This should bring an additional 500,000 plus visitors to the North West Crossborder area in one year alone. Our region has never experienced such a large number of visitors arriving at the same time before and therefore TG4NP will be very important in helping us prepare for this important event.

The project results for ERNACT include the following:


1. In Derry, the expected result is to develop an application to digitally manage and optimise all tourism information within the city. This will help enhance a visitors experience when in the city and optimise the number of tourist locations they visit.


2. In Donegal, the expected result is to develop a GPS enabled application to promote the most rugged, rural and peripheral county of Ireland, along with its abundance of natural resources and scenic routes.


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