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Tourist Guide in North Karelia (Finland)

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Tourist Guide in North Karelia (Finland)
Digital Agenda Category:
Societal Challenges
Service Type:
Producing Project:
Implementing Region:
North Karelia
Implementing Organisation:
Regional Council of North Karelia

North Karelia’s first pilot product was Hattuvaara Mobitrail, which was published in Android Market. Pilot contains information content of local Hattuvaara tourist companies and a few multimodal experience service guides from Hattuvaara’s orthodoxy and military history. This application is valid for all tourist groups, it gives a basic cultural and historical introduction of Hattuvaara village. Hattuvaara MobiTrail is a test: with the help of this pilot it is chance to test possibilities of downloadable offline mobile guiding in certain non 3G area. 


                                                    click the immage to go to google play for download


The main service of North Karelia is Koli Guide. It is a mobile and web service, which is combination of mobile application and mobile optimized web pages. Koli Guide is made by Sencha open source mobile editor. Sencha built products can be used in all modern mobile platform, in our case in Androids, iOS and Windows Phones (also Windows 8).


Koli-Guide contains following parts:

-          Informative content of Koli area tourist companies. This part is made together with Koli Tourist Association. Koli Tourist Association will also maintain the service after the project ending. The main idea is that all information of tourist companies is in their own mobile optimized web pages, because so any information is easy to update afterwards.

-          Multimodal experience service: Adventure which is based on myths and stories of Koli area. Adventure includes for example Goblins, Viking, Warlords and Warlocks. Target group are young people and families with children.

-          Interactive map based on the OpenStreetMap.

During the project there will be close cooperation between Karelia UAS and RCNK.


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