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Tourim in Sogn og Fjordane (Norway)

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Tourim in Sogn og Fjordane (Norway)
Digital Agenda Category:
Societal Challenges
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Producing Project:
Implementing Region:
Sogn og Fjordane
Implementing Organisation:
Western Norway Research Institute

The tourism industry in Sogn og Fjordane is part of the the greater western fjords area of Norway which cooperate under the umbrella of “Fjord Norway”. The Fjord Norway organization and associates have been awarded the Norwegian “Centre of Expertise” for tourism function, called “NCE Tourism Fjord Norway”. The focus areas of NCE Fjord Norway are “skiing/winter”, “hiking”, “culture”, and “outdoor adventure”. 


Several projects in the area are aimed especially at the focus area of hiking, with a project to grade and mark hiking trails to be completed within two years, and with WNRI participating in projects to digitize geographical information related to hiking and cultural artifacts and history. Skiing and winter activities has also been a focus area for local tourism industry with a new portal called Skisogn. WNRI have experience working with the county archive and their extensive geotagged database of cultural and historical artifacts, and the main digital tourist information provider used by all destinations in Sogn og Fjordane.

The aim of TG4NP Sogn og Fjordane is to build on these projects and initiatives to make a service that will guide and route tourists to and on hiking trails, letting them know about cultural and historical artifacts, and offers of skiing (in winter) and outdoor adventure opportunities on the way. The aim is to make the routing depend on information about trail difficulty and length, and thus customise the suggested routes based on individual needs and requirements of the tourist. The OpenStreetMap (OSM) service will be used as a foundation for geographical and trail information. Since OSM is based on user contributed information, success is dependent on that information. We are thus involved in projects to engage communities in working with OSM.



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