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Visit Greenland

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Visit Greenland
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Societal Challenges
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Greenland Tourism and Business Council
The Greenlandic partner in TG4NP, Visit Greenland (VG, former Greenland Tourism & Business Council) has two seperate types of mobile guides under development.

Greenland Hiking App

The first guide is a hiking app based on the Accuterra hiking app ( from This app already has a userbase of over 100.000 users.

VG will get a customized version of the Accuterra app containing only the two trails. This 'white label' app VG will offer to the tourists for free. 

In the Greenland Hiking App the maps will be added the trails (imported as Waypoints GPS coordinates) and Points Of Interest (POIs imported as coordinates including a description.

Greenland has a vast, remote backcountry with very few roads but with plenty of POIs like huts, fishing rivers, lakes, open camping sites, vantage points, historical sites, animal-life sites etc.

The second guide will be a mobile version of Visit Greenland's main tourism-website It will contain the most tourism-centered content on


  • Things To Do
  • Towns & Regions
  • Plan Your Trip


The interface needs to be adapted to a small screen and a touch interface, and there will be an extensive workshop to develop the best possible usability for the mobile version.

It is expected that the results from the project will generate knowledge and experience, which can be disseminated not only to other Greenlandic Regions, but also to the NPP Region as a whole. 

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