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Tourist Guide in Skellefteå

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Tourist Guide in Skellefteå
Digital Agenda Category:
Societal Challenges
Service Type:
Producing Project:
Implementing Region:
Municipality of Skellefteå
Implementing Organisation:
Skellefteå Municipality

Real-time and location-based Tourist Guide - a key ingredient for business development in the Northern Periphery


What if you could use your mobile device on vacation, to find out where the fish bite the best today or where the viking tombs are located? TG4NP (Tourist Guide for Northern Periphery) makes it possible.


TG4NP is an interesting initiative to create business development not just only in the tourist sector but also in a regional development perspective.


TG4NP Skellefteå, is primarily addressing services for angling in Byske river as the main area of development.  The project will establish a comprehensive understanding about all aspects of the feasibility of establishing and running the Tourist guide to provide basic and advanced level services in this area. The application will work with existing information stored in the National tourist database to be presented in different formats on the mobile handheld tool.


Services will be made as technology neutral and flexible as possible. This will guarantee their long term sustainability and usability as well as transferability. Technology is only a tool to achieve the overall objective of TG4NP.  The idea is to build the services as a combination of web-based media, mobile technology and geographic information. Geographic information can collected through GPS (by special mobile phones with this function) or triangulating between several base stations. The relevant information will be delivered directly to the visitors' mobile phones at the right time, based on the visitor's location.

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