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Institut for Technology and alternative Mobility - Carinthia

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Institut for Technology and alternative Mobility - Carinthia
Digital Agenda Category:
Societal Challenges
Service Type:
Action Plan
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Implementing Region:
Implementing Organisation:
Office of Regional Government of Carinthia
The heating, cooling and lighting of buildings account for more than 40% of European energy consumption. ICT can continously monitor data to optimize lighting, ventilation and equipment performance and provide consumers real-time updates on their energy consumption to stimulate behavioural changes. 

Equipment like smart metering and intelligent light bulbs, which automatically adjust to natural light at people's presence encourages consumers to increase energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption by halve respectively. 

the objective of the IAM's RAP is the Improvement for the Effectiveness of regional development by ICT-enabled Energy Efficiency by: 
- Innovative approach
- Cross-discipline collaboration 
- Aiming sustainability 
- Striving Technological Leadership 
- Smart Governance by Example 
- Priority awarness 
- Developing adoptable Energy concepts
- Adopting reasonable legal framework 
- Change of the mind-set related to energy production and consumption. 

This plan was built up after identifying as suitable and transferable to the region, the following Best Practices: "Monitoring and Targeting System" (Derry, NI) and "ICT for energy efficiency in public buildings in San Sebastian" (San Sebastian, Spain). 

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