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Monitoring & Targeting System in Donegal

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Monitoring & Targeting System in Donegal
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Societal Challenges
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Action Plan
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Donegal County Council
Begining in 2002, Donegal County Council underwent a decentralising programme with the introduction of new Public Service Buildings. There was the need to reduce public spending on Energy costs, it made economical and environmental sense to implement both Derry City Councils Good Practice and elements of San Sebastián’s Good Practice. It was chosen not only because it has proven to be successful, but it allows Donegal County Council the opportunity to demonstrate that they are actively reducing public spending along with reducing CO2 through less energy consumption.

The initiative is in line with what Forfás describes in their “Guide to Developing a Green Enterprise” as the Eco-Efficiency concept. This is comprised of four elements of business practices which are:
• Water Conservation.
• Waste Prevention.
• Energy Efficiency.
• Clean Technology.

In improving efficiencies of the four elements, positive benefits are produced such as:
• Less Impact on the Environment.
• Fewer Emissions.
• Lower Operational Costs.
• Enhanced sustainability.
• Enhanced Corporate & Community image.

Recent restructuring within the organisation has highlighted the need for efficiencies going forward, in terms of savings and energy consumption. This has now resulted in the appointment of a dedicated Facilities Manager/accredited DEC assessor and supporting management team that will work directly in the area of building stock efficiencies.

The council has been working to ascertain the energy usage of and produce DECs (Display Energy Certificates) for the building stock of Donegal Local Authorities. In addition to this a number of reports and assessments have been both commissioned and undertaken with the purpose of reducing spending on energy usage.
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