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eMobility - Avila County Council

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eMobility - Avila County Council
Digital Agenda Category:
Societal Challenges
Service Type:
Action Plan
Producing Project:
Implementing Region:
Ávila City
Implementing Organisation:
Good practice carried out by the Office of the Regional Government of Carinthia region, Austria, was selected by Avila County Council, focusing on Electric Vehicles.

The objectives of the project are to reduce the CO2 footprint through the 
use of electric vehicles, so, for this purpose it will be established a functioning infrastructure of recharging stations net for electric vehiles for public use as well as to promote the electric mobility among public organizations, fleets and citizens thanks to promotional events such specialized seminars, test electric vehicles for increasing the knowledge on the topic of the target group.

Avila County Council has selected this Good Practice of Electric Mobility in 
order to improve and guarantee as much as possible the sustainability of our fragile environment, as a complementary measure jointly with all the other actions carried our by this county council. 

The current Action Plan is carried out as a first step towards the 
implementation of electric mobility in our county and region, as a pilot experience from which we will learn and increase knowledge thanks to our European partners sharing their own successful experiences. In the end we are preparing the conditions for the coming electric mobility expected in he coming years as a competitiveness factor for regional development.

Moreover we should consider two further details, our region, Castilla y Leon 
has the highest wind power production installed and that energy must be used during the valley hours along the night, so this match perfectly with the philosophy of electric vehicles recharging conditions, in order to carry out the best Rational Use of Energy, and secondly due to the fact in our region is located an important Electric Vehicles Manufacturer as Renault and the Twizy electric car.
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