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Forest Biomass for Bio Energy in West Region Romania

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Forest Biomass for Bio Energy in West Region Romania
Digital Agenda Category:
Research & Innovation
Service Type:
Action Plan
Producing Project:
Implementing Region:
West Romania
Implementing Organisation:
Regional Development Agency West Region
West Region RDA, having the primary role to elaborate strategic planning documents at regional level for the support of social and economic cohesion objectives, elaborated an action plan to support the use of forest biomass as a renewable energy source for home heating in West Region. The action plan has been developed following the successful implementation of a similar practice in North Karelia Region, Finland and based on the expertise provided by Finnish organisations within Co2Free project.

There was one finally failed trial in North Karelia in this field in 2010 called METTI. The clever idea was to create a national centre which:
• is an international player in the wood based bioenergy sector
• develops a research and innovation activity in global scale
• builds a bridge between international top-research, innovations and business
• acts as a demonstration of user and customer based national innovation
• builds a network between knowledge centres which concentrates on research of the wood based bioenergy and international business models in the sustainable forest bio economy.

The new Centre of Forest Bio Economy builds on this idea and in this Regional Action Plan the idea is expanded from wood based bioenergy wider to forest bio-economy which includes not only raw material and energy producing but also themes like chemistry, manufacture of equipment and wood based construction.