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eMobility - North Karelia

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eMobility - North Karelia
Digital Agenda Category:
Research & Innovation
Service Type:
Action Plan
Producing Project:
Implementing Region:
North Karelia
Implementing Organisation:
Regional Council of North Karelia
Regional Council of North Karelia has chosen best practise from the region of Carinthia – electric vehicles that use solar energy – to be the one implemented in its region. Both solar energy production and increasing the use of electricity in transport offer new and interesting opportunities. Is solar energy really a viable option for a northern region that has less than 5 hours of daylight in mid-winter and almost no dark time for two months during summer?

And which solutions would be most viable on these conditions? Is solar energy just for summer cottages or would it be profitable also elsewhere? Is solar energy just for power or could it be utilized for heating along with wood energy?

Transport is key source of CO2 emissions in North Karelia. However, transportation is a MUST for a peripheral region with long distances and cold climate. New action models to organize things are needed.

In the course of the CO2FREE project Regional Council of North Karelia conducted a feasibility study of solar energy production potential in the region. Several workshops and a study tour to Carinthia were organized in order to disseminate information about the best practices but also commit the regional actors in the practical implementation. Interest to the subject is high since there was a demand for a second study visit to Klagenfurt that was organized without CO2FREE project´s money. 11 people from different North Karelia businesses and organizations participated in the visit.