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eServices in Sterea Ellada based on Donegal's Online Planning model

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eServices in Sterea Ellada based on Donegal's Online Planning model
Digital Agenda Category:
Research & Innovation
Service Type:
Action Plan
Producing Project:
Implementing Region:
Central Greece Region
Implementing Organisation:
Region of Sterea Ellada
Improving the internal functions of the public institutions, direct and integrated customer and citizen services on planning issues and the adequacy of management information are the most important expected benefits. The penetration of information technology on planning issues will insure: 
  • The exploitation of alternative sources of information
  • The effective handling of the planning database
  • Easy to access and easy to use information by all citizens

Reduced operating costs and decentralization of services, a great benefit for remote areas.

The implemented GP is an opportunity for the various local authorities of the Region to turn their individual GIS applications into one single system that will serve all establishing as a more user friendly tool. The GP will open the avenue for a number of similar deployments within the Region of Sterea Ellada primarily through the reuse of the workflow modelling tools and the software applications invested in the GP. The GIS systems can be utilised to support other services as well, the Document Management can be deployed into a number of other Departments of the Region while the GP itself will help the Region achieve contacts with other Regions through the sharing of experience and technologies achieved by the Region staff in implementing the GP.

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