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eServices development in Vasternorrland based on Donegal Online Planning Services model

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eServices development in Vasternorrland based on Donegal Online Planning Services model
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Research & Innovation
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Action Plan
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This good practice meets the needs in the region especially in improving services to companies and reducing their administrative burden when having contacts with local authorities and seeking permission for different development plans. Today companies willing to establish or develop their business in Vasternorrland have a bureaucratic jungle to pass through. The needed permissions demands a number of different contacts with several local and regional authorities and the current legislation is not always so easy to understand.  New services can also be offered showing available land or real estates for industrial expansion with the needed communications, harbours, trains, broadband etc.

The good practice from Donegal, DOPS will be used as a reference for the development of a series of new electronic services:

  1. Property information (Who owns the property, what’s its address, etc.)
  2. Internet map supported by information from a map service (e.g. for building permit applicants and estate agents).
  3. Vacant premises and industrial land. An overview of the comprehensive plan.
  4. Road data and traffic regulations
  5. Report of incidents, interruptions, defects, etc.
  6. Applications for building permits
  7. Electronic ID log on for companies and citizens

Action Plan:
are widening the scope of the Good Practice (Online Planning Services) to include services for:

- Road and snow management

- Water management

- Rescue services


Create new e-services for companies, organisations and citizens


To make the region more attractive and increase the availability through e-services for both companies and citizens that will make it easy to build and live in the region.


  • 4 new e-services inspired by DOPS. It will enable people to:

- Apply for building permits

- Search for owners to a certain property

- Search for available business premises

- Report incidents (roads, water, snow)

All the services would be connected to maps throughGIS

  • Joint web portal for planning issues
  • Create e-id login for companies and citizens

Some activities:

  • Status report describing the starting point regarding routines, number of phone calls and requests within each local authority
  • Information modelling workshops for each new e-service
  • Conference to promote the value and increase the knowledge of the e-services within the local authorities

This project can work as a pilot to test new national standards in planning and building legislation.

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