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Wireless City Bologna based on Derry's Wireless City model

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Wireless City Bologna based on Derry's Wireless City model
Digital Agenda Category:
Research & Innovation
Service Type:
Action Plan
Producing Project:
Implementing Region:
City of Bologna
Implementing Organisation:
Municipality of Bologna
Importing Region: Bologna, Italy

The Good Practice exchange represents a good chance to add concrete value to both experiences (Derry and Bologna), and a common ground where shared models - related to multimedia and multichannel contents/services production, editorial plans for different targets and delivery devices, medium-long term sustainability, contexts of deployment, communication strategies – can be developed.

Our long term goal is to strengthen the link between citizens’ associations, private partners, communities and local government, in order to promote the right to use the new information technologies (broadband and wireless in this case) as a “universal right”, a basic condition to foster:
- innovation,
- use of different media converging on digital technologies,
- mobile use of digital contents/ services delivered by PAs
- economic challenges,
- fight todigital/social divide.

The Derry GP implementation within this “Network of Projects” will therefore bring to the creation of new opportunities for the development of broadband and wireless technologies and contents/services in many different fields.

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