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Metered Water Customer Service

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Metered Water Customer Service
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Societal Challenges
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Donegal Co Co
eAdministration system designed and developed from policy development and customer service delivery dimensions and oriented to the management of environmental systems. The system based in a back office CRM (customer relationships management) and an online web integrated front end, including a Customer Service Portal with a self-service dashboard, deliver services focused to metered water customers in first instance but with a view to expansion into other service areas.

The system incorporates customer configuration/
self-identification opportunities and self-service dashboard features including services such as: online account querying, online payments, query/report an issue, online Complaint(s), consumption Charts (Water), conservation Tips (Water) and register for updates (RSS, SMS etc.)

It is also envisaged that through an administration facility of the public-facing Customer Service Portal, the ability to customise the interface in different languages will be provided for.
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