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ERNACT Projects

Check the latest digital-age projects that the ERNACT network has developed to improve our member regions.

Project Logo CLEAN  - Technologies and open innovation for low­carbon regions
Increase energy efficiency targets in buildings by improving the capacity of policy instruments to stimulate increased engagement between public authorities, citizens, research and business.  - details

Project Logo ERUDITE  - Enhancing Rural and Urban Digital Innovation Territories
Co-developing e-services through open innovation to meet the real needs of rural and urban Europe  - details

Project Logo DonegalDigital  - Donegal Digital Action Plan
Donegal Communities Co-Building Digital Enterprises and Services  - details

Project Logo SECURE  - Smarter Energy Communities in Northern & Arctic Regions
Transferring & implementing innovative energy solutions for housing & public infrastructure across NPA regions  - details

Project Logo IMPROVE  - Involving the community to co-produce public services
Bringing innovation to public service development in Europe's Northern Periphery & Arctic  - details

Project Logo NICHE  - Building innovative food value chains in regions
Innovating the food sector through technology and collaboration  - details

Project Logo CREATE  - Connecting Rural Enterprise for a Transnational Economy
Using Next Generation Broadband and advanced ICT to transform the potential of North West Europe's rural SMEs  - details

Project Logo ENGAGE  - Enhancing Next Generation Access Growth in Europe
Exchanging high-speed broadband solutions for Europe's rural areas  - details

Developing new approaches to developing digital literacy in Europe's regions.  - details

Project Logo Medi@TIC  - Regional Policies for Information Society and ICT
Working for the future of the audiovisual sector  - details

Project Logo Digi-Atlantic  - Sustainable Public Services in the Atlantic Arc
Building Sustainable Transnational Public Services in the Atlantic Area  - details

Project Logo TG4NP  - Tourism Guide for Northern Periphery
Developing smart phone services for visitors to Europe's Cool North  - details

Project Logo CO2FREE  - Cooperating to Foster Renewables & Energy Effic.
Equipping Europe's regional and local authorities with solutions to address energy efficiency and sustainable transport challenges  - details

Project Logo DARRA  - Digital Age in Rural and Remote Areas
A transnational partnership from across Northern Periphery utilising the market power of local authorities to boost the uptake of e-Services among small businesses  - details

Project Logo CMC@NP  - Connected Mobile Communities in Northern Periphery
Leading the way in developing cutting-edge mobile technology services for the Northern Periphery  - details

Project Logo PIKE  - Promoting Innovation and the Knowledge Economy
"Fastracking" the transfer of broadband and e-public services best practice between Europe's Regions for Economic Change.  - details